nakst Regency, free multi-tiered phase distortion Synthesizer plugin (mac, win, Linux)

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nakst Regency is a new free multi-tiered phase distortion Synthesizer plugin for macOS, Windows, and Linux.

Phase distortion synthesis is still one of the most esoteric forms of synthesis today. Made famous by the unique Casio CZ series in the 1980s, this synthesis is available today in commercial and free plugins.

Friends of free Synthesizer plugins can now look forward to another one. Nakst, a developer has published with Regency, a free Synthesizer plugin using this special synthesis form but in an expanded form.

nakst Regency

nakst Regency

Regency is a new free Synthesizer plugin using a novel method based on traditional phase distortion synthesis.

Each of the two generator layers has three editable multi-segment curves. These curves are applied to distort the phase of the generator in series in modulatable amounts. This is followed by a multi-mode ladder filter (LP, HP, BP, BS) for shaping the signal. You can finalize the sounds with a versatile pattern delay, and flanger.

Then, on the modulation side, you get four customizable DAHDSR envelopes, two math modulators, and three versatile LFOs powered by a modulation matrix with over 200 mod destinations.

Regency comes with a focused and streamlined user interface with custom skinning support and scaling ranging from 100% to 300%. Further, it ships over 60 built-in ready-to-use patches.

First Impression

At first glance, it looks like an exciting free Synthesizer. I like the idea of continuing phase distortion synthesis in a new direction. I hope the developer extends the plugin with VST or VST3 support in a future update.

nakst Regency is available now as a free download. It runs as a CLAP, AU, and native FL Studio plugin and as a standalone synth on macOS (Intel + native Apple Silicon), Linux, and Windows. The plugin doesn’t require a registration, copy protection, or DRM.

More information here: nakst 

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