iceWorks Laplace physical modeling synth now a macOS plugin – free update and patches

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iceWorks has updated Laplace physical modeling synth to version 2.6, turning the iOS app into a macOS plugin, free update.

Last week, iceWorks (iceGear), surprised us with a macOS update for its FM Synthesizer Nambu for iOS. This was the first iOS app port to macOS for the developer. And it seems to be just the beginning.

After Nambu, Laplace Synthesizer is now also available for macOS as a free update for everyone who bought the app on iOS (iPhone/iPad).

iceWorks Laplace

iceWorks Laplace macOS

Laplace is a physical modeling Synthesizer based on resonator synthesis. It has an exciter and resonator section capable of generating unique bowed string, plucked string, blown pipe, and metallic sounds. However, it is not designed to reproduce real acoustic instruments but to create new Synthesizer sounds in different ways.

The exciter features a click module with stiffness, color, decay, damper, and noise controls. There is also a noise module with lowpass and highpass filters and an envelope. Then, the resonator section consists of three modules:

  • flavors: lowpass filter and envelope + pitch envelope
  • sine with pitch control, FM, and envelope
  • highpass filter 

It also has a built-in LFO for animating sounds. Further, you can refine your sounds with various effects: chorus, delay, and reverb. Not to be forgotten is the built-in arpeggiator, which is as flexible as a sequencer. It’s hidden in the upper menu section.

Laplace is a lovely-sounding physical modeling synth that scores simply. It doesn’t have a trillion parameters, but only a few perfectly matched with the engine.

Free Update For iOS Users

The update is free for everyone who has already bought the app for iOS in the past. Just go to the Apple Mac App Store and download Laplace. However, the AppStore shows that the app costs $9.99. If you already have the app, this is a bug that Apple hasn’t fixed for a long time.

Press on the button, and the App Store will say, “Do you want to buy the app”. Say yes, and the system will then recognize that you already have purchased the app. Thus the download is free for you—a strange bug.

Resonator Dreams (Free Patches)

To celebrate the new macOS version, I have re-released my Resonator Dreams patch library as a free download. It includes 50 new patches for the Laplace Synthesizer. You can import the patches via the iOS file app. They will be saved in the user patches category. A donation is very welcome. I really appreciate any help you can provide.

Super happy to be able to use IceWorks Laplace on my mac now. Big like

The new iceWorks Laplace update 2.6 with macOS support is free of charge for existing users. It requires Apple Silicon macs. Laplace is available now for $9,99.

More information here: iceWorks (iceGear)  AppStore  Resonator Dreams

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