Dillon Bastan Iridescence, new M4L delay effect with arpeggiated note trails

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Dillon Bastan Iridescence is a new Max For Live delay effect that is able to create melodic patterns by arpeggiating the note trails. 

Max For live is an exciting platform that is often overlooked by musicians who use Ableton Live. Many tend to buy new plugins instead of looking into the colorful world of Max For Live devices.  Dillon Bastan is one of those talented minds that shows just how versatile M4L can be.

His latest releases are all super interesting devies, either unique instruments (Songbird…)  or effects (Grain Forest…). With Iridescene, the next M4L effect is now ready to conquer the music studios. This is a delay effect where the note trais are manipulated. In this case arpeggiated achieving interesting rhyhtmic delay patterns.

Dillon Bastan Iridescence

Dillon Bastan Iridescence (Press Release)

Iridescence is a MaxForLive delay effect with arpeggiated note trails via a polyphonic real-time pitch shifting and delay system. You can select how many notes are in an arpeggiated “chord” from the audio input.

Additionally, you can create up to 16 different chords that can transition via a Markov Chain (a probabilistic transition from chord to chord).

This device can create beautiful harmonies off of a single note! There are various settings that allow the device to transform from one purpose to another. It is a powerhouse for real-time harmony on a continuous audio source!

NOTE: This is an audio effect, and though similar in some ways it is NOT by any means a MIDI note arpeggiator!


  • Polyphonic real-time pitch shifting and delay mechanism that creates the effect of arppegiated delay trails on an incoming audio signal
  • Up to 8 ‘notes’ to create arppegiated sequences off of the original audio pitch.
  • Delay time and feedback settings with swing options
  • Ability to create up to 16 chords with different note combinations
  • A probabilistic system (markov chain) to transition between the different chords, with manual and automatic transition trigger options
  • Individual transition probabilties for each chord with randomization options
  • Two different real-time pitch shifting algorithms
  • Latching mode with different release options
  • Pitch feedback options
  • Automatic pitch detection and correction mode to change the note transpotions in real-time based ont he detected note and chosen Scale and Tonic
  • Different panning options
  • Lowpass and Highpass filter options
  • Internal LFO with perlin noise and basic shape options for modulating the filter cutoff frequencies

First Impression

Iridescene is another fascinating Max For Live devices by Dillon Bastan. It’s not an ordinary delay but one that explores new unkown corners. Beautiful release.

Dillon Bastan Iridescence is available now for $20+ and runs as a Max For Live device. It requires Ableton Live 10+ Suite or Ableton Live 10+ Standard with a Max for Live license.

More information here: Dillon Bastan 

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