Inear Display Ephemere 1.4, the wild glitch drum synth plugin gets an update

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Inear Display has updated its esoteric-sounding glitch drum Synthesizer plugin Ephemere to version 1.4 with a new UI and more.

There are countless Synthesizer and drum machine plugins out there. Many releases are repetitive as they revive old concepts over and over again. Like an emulation of a Minimoog, or a TR-808 software replication.

But there are also plugins that offer something new and fresh. The French developer Inear Display is one of those developers who are on the experimental side of plugins. Also the Emphere plugin released in 2016, an experimental, drum Synthesizer plugin. Today Inear Display released an update 1.4. A reason to highlight the plugin again.

Inear Display Ephemere 1.4

Inear Display Ephemere 1.4

Ephemere is a crazy sounding percussive Synthesizer plugin. It has 12 tracks, each of which has it’s own FM oscillator with feedback based voice. Per track, you get an FM oscillator, a multimode filter, amp and pitch envelope, and a output module. There are also a built-in distortion for each sound.

The unique thing about Emphere is its special tonal properties. It shows that a percussive synth doesn’t always have to sound like an 808 or 909. It can also be wilder and more experimental. With it, you can easily create wild glitch-like or dirty percussive sounds, not possible with a classic drum machine or drum synth. Plus, you can attach a randomization setting to most of the synthesis parameters and a trigger probability per sound. Perfect for very bizzare timbres and unique drum patterns.

Emphemere 1.4 is out now and it introduces a new refined user interface and improvements for the sound randomizer beviour. Plus it also fixes some issues in the factory sound bank.

Back in 2016, wow how time flies, I published a sound demo of Ephemere 1.0 on the channel.

Not a big update for Ephemere but one that brings the plugin back into focus of music producers. I’m big fan of Inear Display plugins and this update makes me happy.

Inear Display Ephemere 1.4 is available now as a free update for existing customers. The plugin is out now for 49€ + VAT and runs as a VST3 and AU plugin on macOS (Intel and Apple Silicon) and Windows.

More information: Inear Display

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