Twisted Electrons Crazy8Beats Is A New Powerful MIDI & CV Rhythm Sequencer & Pre-Sale Starts This Week

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There is one other French based music company that have attracted attention today. Twisted Electrons, known for their very special digital Synthesizers released today a first picture of the upcoming crazy8beats rhythm sequencer. It will be a desktop and Eurorack sequencer in one product.


The Crazy8beats, based on the same concept as the Crazy8 sequencer, is a new MIDI & CV rhythm sequencer that allows you to create very versatile and complex drum sequences. It’s powered by a good selection of MIDI and CV connectivities: 2 MIDI Out, MIDI In, 8 triggers and 8 CV gives you everything you need to connect and sequence different electronic instruments at the same time.  The additional cv modulation per step and MIDI CC per step gives you a powerful tools to bring life to the beats. So you can change per step a specific parameter and create quick very complex and different sounding drum sounds per example. On top, you have velocity, swing per track, probability and an interesting beat auto-remixing feature.

It has different clock rates per track that means each track comes with a dedicated clock divider and multipler. Another cool and useful feature is the way how you can work with the patterns. Crazy8Beats gives you 16 patterns per track and the patterns can be changed per track or all at once). A clever feature that simply the live playability. It comes also with pattern chaining, 4 different play modes per track and MIDI clock in/out & trigger sync /out.

  • 21 port connectivity
  • 2 MIDI OUT
  • 8 triggers
  • 8 cv outputs
  • cv modulation per step
  • Midi CC per step
  • Velocity
  • Swing per Track
  • probability and beat auto-remixing
  • real time beat recording
  • drill fx
  • different clock rate per track (clock divider / clock multiplier per track)
  • 16 patterns per track (can be changed per track or all at once)
  • pattern chaining
  • 87 LEDS
  • 4 play modes per track
  • Midi clock In/Out
  • Trigger sync In/Out

All this is currently in development and available before the SuperBooth 2018. (03 – 05 May 2018) The exact price is not yet announced but the developer estimated a price of 255€ without VAT. The pre-sale starts this week.

More information here: Twisted Electrons 

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