Spectrasonics Keyscape 1.5, free update adds new Double Felt Grand piano

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Spectrasonics celebrates International Piano Day with a free Keyscape 1.5 update adding a new Double Felt Grand piano to the plugin. 

Everything Eric Persing and his team at Spectrasonics puts their hands on turns into gold. Omnisphere 2 multi-engine Synthesizer, Trilian bass synth, or the Keyscape keyboard virtual instrument. All are highly regarded and best-sellers in the software music production world.

In addition, they offer regular free updates with new features and content for their plugins and no annoying subscriptions. Good news for all Keyscape users: Spectrasonics has updated Keyscape with an additional piano instrument free of charge.

Spectrasonics Keyscape 1.5

Spectrasonics Keyscape 1.5

Keystep 1.5 is a free update for all existing users. It adds another tool to the massive “Models” factory library. The update adds a special new Double Felt Grand piano and is the first time Spectrasonics has expanded the instrument library of Keyscape. According to Spectrasonics, it has been the #1 most requested sound from Keyscape users.

Like the other keyboards and pianos in Keyscape, the new addition can be tweaked using the parameters mapped across four interface pages: main with reverb and performance, EQ, tweak, and other settings.

The update also ships with various ready-to-use presets, including cinematic, clear, dark, distant, dry, octavia, session, shimmer wash, and the deep. Spectrasonics also tells how the sound of the instrument was captured:

Once the acoustic piano was prepared in this special way, our acclaimed Spectrasonics sound development team (led by producer Eric Persing) then painstakingly sampled the instrument at our newly developed private recording studio — which features some of the largest naturally ambient recording spaces in Los Angeles.

To complete the experience, our amazing software team developed lush new DSP reverb algorithms that are exclusive to this new Keyscape sound. The final result is the unique Double Felt Grand: a warm, soft piano with the best aspects of a felt upright, but with the body and the decay of a grand

First Impression

Congratulations Spectrasonics for releasing this update. A nice free update with users getting even more content without paying extra. That is very welcome in times when many software companies are swaying towards subscriptions. And the question of whether the new instrument sounds great does not need to be asked with Spectrasonics releases. It’s excellent and very detailed.

The new Spectrasonics Keyscape version with the Double Felt Grand piano is a free update for existing users. Keyscape is available now for 329€/$379.

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