Spectrasonics Sonic Extensions, four Omnisphere 2 libraries with new effects & sounds

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Spectrasonics extends the Omnisphere 2 horizon with the Sonic Extensions, new libraries that add new sounds and brand-new exclusive features.

With Omnisphere 2, Spectrasonics has created a Synthesizer plugin that is indispensable in the music production landscape. It became the industry standard in no time. In electronic music, in big soundscore productions… you can find Eric Persing’s synth plugin everywhere. No wonder, it offers a powerful engine, high-end sound quality but also a huge library with almost 15.000 inspiring sounds

I am not writing that from the marketing brochure, no, I’m a long-term customer like you probably that paid for the license. For me, Omnisphere 2 is a different sonic level of virtual instrument that no other manufacturer has ever touched. It just sounds fantastic what comes out of this code. I am writing this because O2’s journey continues today but differently than you think. No update, no Omnisphere 3 but with sonic extensions.

Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 sonic extensions

Sonic Extensions For Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2

Sonic Extensions are new in-house designed sound libraries for the Omnisphere 2 Synthesizer. However, they are not simple sound collections. Each Sonic Extension gives you, besides the new sound content, new effect processors and features that were previously not available in O2. The start is making four different ones.

Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 Sonic Extensions


The first sonic extension Undercurrent by Ignacio Longo explores the dark side of sound design with evocative moods and brooding textures. It comes with over 2000 new sounds, 300+ sound sources (7 GB+) and adds two brand-new effects to the O2 engine. Under Fire is a new saturator/comp/EQ trio effect that is based on component-modeling of rare analog devices. Under Echo is, on the other side, a new versatile analog-style pitch-shift ambience processor with 13 echo colors.

Nylon Sky

Nylon Sky explores dreamy, soft, and relaxing timbres with hybrid ambient sounds and organic sounds. The guitar sampling legend Bob Daspit created the content for this big library. It ships with 10GB of new sound content including 285 new scenes, 57 patches, and 38 sound sources.

Besides the new sounds, it adds a multi-timbre shimmer reverb effect to Omnisphere 2 named Sky Verb as well as a new Sky Channel Class-A channel strip effect. The latter is based on analog modeling and also includes a tape saturator and an analog-style enhancer. Nylon Sky also introduces new strumming modifiers for the arpeggiator and a new strumming feature that lets you build very authentic acoustic guitar sounds.

Unclean Machine

Unclean Machine is an expansion for Omnisphere’s beloved Retroland category that dives deeper into the fascinating world of Lo-Fi sounds. Made by Tolga Gurpinar, it gives you 3.6GB of new sounds featuring 1860 new scenes, 372 patches, and 210 sound sources. From Lo-Fi keys, bells, pads, guitars, strings, basses… the library offers a lot.

Yes, there are also exclusive effects additions for this sonic extension. Unclean Channel is a new lo-fi channel strip effect that infuses the good old nostalgic vibe on anything you run through it. A perfect effect to add the sound of cassettes, VHS tapes, boomboxes… to your sounds. 80 different types of noise are ready to be tried out. Unclean Verb is a vintage-sounding reverb that is all about character. It offers 25 unique ambiances but also has the ability to dial in control defects like flutter and crunch. A reverb made to sound imperfect. Sounds very tempting,

Seismic Shock

Last but not least, we have Seismic Shock, a new sonic extension created by Seth Norman. According to Spectrasonics, Seismic Shock focuses on the epic sounds using a set of newly-crafted sounds in combination with two new effect processors. The sonic extension ships with 3.4GB of new content incl. 1820 scenes, 364 patches, and 137 sound sources. Many of these sounds are powered by new aggressive Seismic wavetables.

It has a super-wide range from super-expressive, playable sounds, up to brutal noises. Here too, you get two brand-new effects. Seismic Pump is a new side-chaining effect that instantly creates dramatic tonal movement and timbral shifts. It’s fully customizable thanks to advanced features like 23 different pump shapes or external MIDI triggering of the pump effect.

Seismic Verb is new reverb that uses extreme compression techniques for creating massive ambiances/textures. They range from punchy overtones… to massive detuned tails. That sounds also very interesting.

They all have one thing in common: brand-new interfaces. Each Sonic Extension has its own, newly-designed user interface with its own control elements.

A lot was the topic: O3, orchestral library … the Sonic Extensions certainly not. At first glance, they are very nice because they not only give you more sounds but also new features like effects and sound sources for O2.

The new Spectrasonics Sonic Extensions for Omnisphere 2 are now available for $149 USD each from the official website. Discounts are available if you buy two (20%) or three + (30%). To use them, you need Omnisphere 2.8.

More information here: Spectrasonics 

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  1. Bravooo. Thank you so much Spectrasonic for listening to you customers and once again delivering above expectations. So inspiring.

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