PlugInGuru Released MegaMagic: Violin Library For Omnisphere 2.5!

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MegaMagic: Violin is a new library with in total 162 new presets for Spectrasonic Omnisphere 2.5 that is specially designed for film and soundtrack composers!

John Lehmkul aka PlugInGuru has made a name for himself in his career as a sound designer for many hardware Synthesizers from KORG, Roland, Yamaha and more. For several years now, he runs his own company where he sells excellent sound libraries for music software that shows nicely the possibilities with this virtual instruments. Today, he has expanded his portfolio of expansions for the Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2.5 and released MegaMagic: Violin.

The library features in total 162 new patches, 78 multiples as well as 458 newly recorded orchestral samples. This library contains a lot of massive sounding patches that are especially great for film and soundtrack composers. Before you purchase the library, I highly recommend to check out the demo video where you get a good overview of this new release!


There are 12 articulations including Vibrato, No Vibrato, Crescendo, Down/Up stroke, Pizzicato, Spicatto Up stroke, Spicatto Down stroke, Motion Slow, Motion Harmonics, Motion Fast, Motion Very Fast and Open Notes. Each of these articulations come with 4 different sample sets – Dry, Ambient (concert hall), MegaMagic 1 (3 reverb effects + additional processing) and MegaMagic 2 (3 reverbs with one being Valhalla’s Shimmer Verb for octave pitch up reverb). These effects are recorded into the samples so no additional DSP effects are necessary to create these. Omnisphere 2.5 allows up to 8 patches to be mapped across the keyboard – each with a different sample so we used 8 samples to create these different articulations and sample sets.

Producer/PlugInGuru owner John Lehmkuhl provided 18 samples in a “DEMO Library” to his customers (GuruNation) to program patches 3 weeks prior to the release of the full library. Over 250 patches were created by over 40 different programmers and submitted for consideration of being included in the full library. Over 100 of these patches were selected to join the full library along side Patches and Multis by John for a library that also includes basses, pads, synths, textures, BPM patches and of course String and Pad patches that each use at least 1 layer with a MegaMagic: Violin sample along with all of the sonic capabilities found in Omnisphere 2.5.

MegaMagic: Violin is designed for composers of many different genres from Film and Soundtrack work to Pop producers that are looking for something special that hints of orchestral but has more to offer than just samples.

PlugInGuru MegaMagic Violin is now on sale for the introduction price of $42 USD until October 21st, 2018 (regular $49 USD).

More information here: PlugInGuru

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