Sonic Charge teases Synplant 2 with AI sample to patch generator Genopatch

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Sonic Charge teases Synplant 2, a major update for its organic Synthesizer plugin, with a new AI sample to patch generator engine Genopatch.

There are countless Synthesizer plugins for macOS, Windows, and Linux. Free or commercial, the market has something for everyone. From this crazy mass of synth plugins, only a few really stand out and become classics. Massive, Serum, Sylenth1, Omnisphere, and Synplant by Sonic Charge.

Unlike most synth plugins, Synplant does without many knobs and parameters. It offers an innovative, fresh take allowing you to create “organic” sounds by planting seeds that grow into synth patches. After more than ten successful years on the market, Synplant will get an update 2.0 in 2023.

Soniccharge Synplant 2

Sonic Charge teases Synplant 2

Yes, Synplant 2 is coming this year (2023), but the developers cannot say when. The complete feature list is also unknown, but one thing is already fixed in the new v2 upgrade, Genopatch. It’s an AI-driven patch engine that generates patches out of audio samples.

It uses a combination of different machine-learning techniques to create patches that sound similar to the sample you provide. The entire process runs locally on your computer, with no servers involved, using your CPU only. That’s great, so no cloud or special extra service. And you can automate this “DNA,” say the developers.

According to Sonic Charge, Syntplant 2 will be the first product to feature this AI-powered engine. What you can already see in the short demo in the linked video already looks super exciting and innovative. Even if the word AI is a marketing buzzword these days, the engine makes you want to have more of these tools.

The basic concept that made Synplant so successful remains in the second version. However, only extended into the modern era of 2023 with new features and the new Genopatch engine. Thus organic synthesis took several steps further. Mmmh, it sounds delicious. Looking forward to hearing and seeing more about the new version.

Sonic Charge Synplant 2 availability and price TBA. The Synplant 2 price will be higher than Synplant 1, but the final price has not been decided yet. If you own Synplant 1, you only need to pay the price difference to upgrade.

More information here: Sonic Charge

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