Waldorf M firmware 1.06, new microwave II inspired digital filter, randomizer & Black Friday deals on plugins

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Waldorf updates its M wavetable Synthesizer in firmware 1.06 with a new microwave II inspired digital filter, preset randomizer… and Black Friday plugin deals

For Superbooth 21, Waldorf released the M, a hardware wavetable Synthesizer that brings the idea of the microwave synthesizers into the modern world. Digital wavetables in combination with juicy analog filters. As the developers on site confirmed, there are still many ideas to expand the engine.

Today Waldorf released firmware 1.06, which nicely extends the microwave like engine. And for everyone who came for other news, this comes a little later in the article.

Superbooth 21 Waldorf M

Waldorf M Firmware 1.06

The Waldorf M firmware 1.06 is out now and its intros a new digital filter bring even more vintage micro wave charm to the synth. The new filter is modeled after the microwave II Dattaro-Chamberlin SVF. Waldorf says it’s not a direct emulation of it but a new DigiVCF. It’s a state variable filter (SVF) with LP/BP/HP with 12dB/oct slope with resonance, and without self-oscillation.

It stays directly between Mixer output and analog VCF. So it’s the last digital element of M’s sound path. It can be enabled/disabled and you can modulate the cutoff frequency with one modulator as well. The M also emulates the ASIC bug to match the character of the original. This functionality is also part of the new filter.  On the full resonance, it’s attenuate a signal at 12 dB and with an ASIC bug enabled, it can overdrive up to clipping. Without ASIC bug active, it doesn’t.

According to Waldorf, the new DigiVCF acts within the range of 10Hz – 10kHz and is an experimental, non-planned feature to hear the feedback from the community. Then, you get a new “Ghost in the machine” randomize feature for instant new presets as well as faster loading of presets. There are also many bug fixes. Looks like a nice extension of the M engine.


Waldorf Black Friday Plugin Deals

And yes Waldorf also has plugin deals for the Black Friday weekend. Not on the Waldorf website but at the retailer Audio Plugin Deals. During BF, you can save up to 83% OFF on Waldorf synth plugins.

Waldorf M firmware 1.06 is available as a free download for existing M users. The Black Friday plugin deals are valid until November 30th (6:59 AM (CET)).

More information here: Waldorf 

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