Klevgrand Speldosa, a fascinating music box plugin/iOS app with Wintergatan

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The Swedish developers of Klevgrand have teamed up with Wintergatan to create Speldosa, a fascinating music box plugin/iOS app.

According to the latest information, there are more than 800 million videos on YouTube. Crazy. Only a few go viral and become click hits. In music tech, Wintergatan’s fabulous Marble Machine video is one of the most successful with over 220 million views.

The person who developed the Marble Machine is Martin Molin of Wintergatan. On his channel of the same name, he experiments with various self-made or lesser-known instruments. With the developers of Klevgrand, Wintergatan has now virtualized one of its instruments. No, not the Marble Machine, but it would be awesome.

Klevgrand Speldosa

“The sounds in Speldosa have been the secret sauce in my music career and I hope other musicians find it as useful as I have.There is a special quality to this exact music box sound that lifts it above the novelty feeling of a toy and turns it into a real music instrument. (Martin Molin – Wintergatan).

Klevgrand Meets Wintergatan

The developers of Klevgrand have their own design language for their plugins. Each of them is unique and stands out from the crowd. For their first plugin Spledosa, both worlds now meet in a new fascinating virtual instrument for your DAW and mobile device for the first time.

Martin Molin of Wintergatan says:

“From the moment I created this music box sound, I have always wanted to share it. It’s been a dream of mine to put the sound into the hands of musicians and producers everywhere and see what music they would make with it”.

Klevgrand Spledosa

In terms of hardware, the music box is a straightforward instrument that automatically plays back songs. But with a very enchanting bell-like sound that immediately makes you dream. This experience is now available as a plugin/iOS app.

Speldosa is a virtual music box instrument is based on sample content meticulously recorded by Wintergatan and transformed into a playable digital instrument plugin. It’s kept very minimal, just like the hardware but expanded with more options. But they don’t go very deep. Thus, the magic of a music box is not destroyed by unsightly deep menus.

You get four music box characters (modern, vintage, antique, and eternal), two room ambiances, spacious reverb, optional vibrato, and an output level. That’s all. You can play it with any MIDI controller, whether keyboard or sequencer.

First Impression

Speldosa is a very simple virtual instrument. And that’s precisely why I find the idea brilliant again. I think it’s great how you can develop something beautiful out of something so simple. It doesn’t always have to be the synthesizer with 1000 features. Klevrand and Wintergratan a great release; thanks for the simplicity.

Klevgrand Speldosa with Wintergatan is available now for an introductory price of $5,99 until April 6th, 2023 (reg. $9,99). The price is the same for all the platforms. It runs as a VST3, AU, and AAX plugin on macOS (Intel + native Apple Silicon support) and Windows.

There is also an iOS version with standalone operation and an AUv3 plugin. It requires iOS 13.0 or later.

More information here: Klevgrand 

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