ASM Hydrasynth 2.0, a wealth of new features for the wave morphing synths

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ASM Hydrasynth 2.0, new firmware, unlocks a wealth of new features for its wave morphing synthesizer series, incl. new oscillator features, more patch memory, and more.

With the Hydrasynths, Ashun Sound Machines from China has created its own wave-morphing synth family. In compact (explorer), on desktop, with 37 keys, or with double voices with dual layer function as a deluxe edition. There is a Hydrasynth for everyone.

Today the journey continues with a major firmware update 2.0 for all Hydrasynths. All are based on the same engine, with the Deluxe having twice the power in the voices and the ability to layer sounds.

ASM Hydrasynth 2.0

ASM Hydrasynth 2.0

The new firmware 2.0 is a free update for every Hydrasynth user. It offers a wealth of new features expanding the sound engine once again,  starting with the patch memory expansion for the 49, desktop, and explorer versions. It now comes with three additional banks to match the eight the Deluxe version has.

On the oscillator side, you get a brand-new voice modulator section allowing you to set offset values on each voice. You can then route the voice modulator in the modulation matrix to any parameter you want. According to ASM, it is a great way to achieve variations on each voice. Also new is a bit-reduction functionality in each oscillator that goes from 4 to 2 bits. This can be used to create a variety of new waveforms that are mainly at home on the vintage, dirty side.

Then, the new firmware 2.0 brings LFO quantization, allowing you to quantize the LFO waveforms in different step values. The same applies to the built-in envelopes. This new functionality is perfect for achieving stepped wavetable modulation effects. Other new features are:

  • new sustain pedal options (sostenuto…)
  • more resolution in the vibrato effect for more subtle results
  • glide settings now come with a glissando option
  • global FX bypass, nice when working with external effects
  • more LED options
  • arpeggiator range extended to 6 octaves
  • arp step offset parameter
  • more Rand/Init shortcuts (all STEP LFO steps, Wavescan waves, Voice mod offsets
  • Local On/Off saved
  • and more.

Looks like an excellent update for the Hydrasynth series. Glad to see the development continues.

The ASM Hydrasynth 2.0 firmware is available now as a free download for existing users. It is available for the regular Hydrasynth, desktop, deluxe, and explorer.

More information here: Ashun Sound Machines

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  1. These are very well thought of improvements, both bringing new musical features (all the new stepping features) and more organic, less strict parameter settings. Great to see possibilities to introduce slop!

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