Qu-Bit Electronix Data Bender 1.4.4 update and new alternative Aurora firmware

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Qu-Bit Electronix has released firmware update 1.4.4 for its Data Bender module with major new features and the first official alternative Aurora firmware.

What do Qu-Bit Electronix and Noise Engineering have in common? Yes, the new modules are based on Electro Smith’s Daisy Seed. It is a mighty, flexible platform on which software developers can easily implement their codes in hardware form.

It supports C++, Ardunio, Max/MSP gen, Pure Data…An advantage of the platform is the possibility to make updates quickly and load alternative firmware, which allows you to turn existing modules into new ones in seconds. Two recent modules from Qu-Bit Electronix recently received new firmware updates.

Qu-Bit Electronix Data Bender 1.4.4

Qu-Bit Electronix Data Bender 1.4.4

One is for Data Bender, a circuit bend digital audio buffer module made for glitches, noises, and more. The new firmware is more than just a simple “bug fixing” update. Version 1.4.4 adds numerous new creative features. It starts with a new DJ filter that brings a lowpass/highpass combo filter into the engine to build to shape your buffer in a performance way. It can be accessed via the corrupt button.

Also, here you can access the new vinyl simulator that adds an instant nostalgia vibe to your sounds. It’s a generator that is capable of generating all the pops, hisses, and scratches you know and love. Perfect for time-traveling the reverb and making it sound dirtier. According to Qu-Bit, they also enhanced the stereo processing. You can now pan the stereo with from narrow to ultra-wide and everything between.

Then, you can benefit from new LED dimmers that allow you to adjust the LED brightness on Data Bender. So you can adjust it perfectly to any patching environment. There is also a new 1V/oct option on the micro bend functionality. So you can now sequence your bend pitch shifts while staying in key. The new firmware also adds new effect CV attenuators. With these, you can effortlessly attenuate the bend, break and corrupt CV inputs.

A very impressive free update with many new features that make the Data Bender module even more extensive and exciting.

FDN Verb – New Alternative Aurora Firmware

FDN Verb is the first official alternative firmware for the Aurora reverb module. It is a feedback delay network reverb algorithm that is described as a bread and butter end of chain reverb with some extra bits. The firmware is capable of generating classic rooms but also wide lush halls.

The Qu-Bit developers added controls to make it more versatile, including highpass and lowpass filtering, pitch modulation, and a separate input level knob from the mix. A nice alternative to the factory Aurora algorithm, which has a rather special character.

The new firmware update 1.4.4 for the Data Bender and the alternative firmware for the Aurora module are both available now as a free download.

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