Elektron Digitone 1.32, new firmware adds dual mono mode for external inputs, and more

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Elektron has updated its Digitone and Digitone Keys FM synthesizers to firmware 1.32 with a new dual mode for external inputs, and more. 

The Elektron Digitone is one of the simplest, most performance-oriented FM synthesizers on the market. This is mainly because it offers FM synthesis with the mindset of subtractive synthesis which makes it more accessible, and hands-on.

Today Elektron updated its two Digitones with a new firmware with new features and improvements.

Elektron Digitone 1.32

Elektron Digitone 1.32

The Digitone 1.32 firmware is not a massive feature update but one that has a neat set of smaller new features and improvements. Starting with a new full dual mono mode for the external inputs. This allows you to manipulate each channel with separate effects. The developers also added a global fx/mix menu item in the settings menu of the Digitone. In the global fx/mix menu, you now have the option to set the parameters on the internal/external mixer, chorus, delay, reverb, and overdrive to be global. So the changes will affect all patterns in the project and not only the active pattern.

Then, you get a delay parameter in the filter envelope and if the filter mode is set to off, it’s now illustrated with a dotted line in the UI. The parameters on the LFO parameter pages has got a makeover. It now harmonizes better with the Digitakt layout. Now all parameters for LFO 1 are on Page 1, and all parameters for LFO 2 are on page 2. The graphics for the wave and phas parameters are also improved. The LFO Fade envelope now resets also in FREE mode when LFO.T is set to ON.

Further, there is an option for the Digitone to remember which of a PARAMETER page’s subpage you last used and access this page again next time you press the same [PARAMETER] key. There is also now a intensity setting for the LEDs and OLED screen in the system menu. So you can make it brighter and dark if necessary. Lastly, it includes several bug fixes.

The new Elektron Digitone 1.32 firmware update is available now as a free download for existing customers.

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