FAC AUBE, new librarian app organizes all your AUv3 apps on iOS

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FAC Aube is a new librarian app by Fred Anton Corvest that organizes all your AUv3 instruments and effects on iOS with filtering and more.

Since the introduction of the AUv3 format on iOS, new AUv3 apps have been launched almost every day. As a musician and as a press, you can quickly lose track of things.

Fred Anton Corvest, better known as FAC, has released a new app called Aube to bring order to your AUv3 collection.

FAC Aube


The idea is super simple and clever at the same time.  Once installed from the AppStore, AUBE automatically organizes your AUv3 instruments and effects. You don’t have to do more than launch the app. It works like magic.

It provides a quick overview of your audio units; your effects and instruments are automatically listed and classified. Information, such as groups, categories, and features, are already available for most of the known audio units. You can explore, filter, set your favorites (available on iCloud), share badges on social media, and more. Plus, you can share descriptions and budgets on social media.

FAC Aube

AUBE ships with a keyboard extension where you where you will find all of your audio unit effects and instruments organized by group. Your favorites are always placed on the top of each list. Use the filter in case you need to search for something more specific. It also has

  • universal support
  • iCloud
  • light/dark mode


First Impression

I have a huge amount of AUv3. I currently have them organized with iOS’s own folders. This could automate the whole thing and simplify it significantly. Mainly because apps are organized by their characteristics. A great release that brings order to the AUv3 maze of many iOS users.
FAC Aube is available now for an introductory price of $5,99 (40%) until March 27th, 2023. It runs on iPad and iPhone.

More information here: AppStore 

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