Delta Sound Labs Fold 1.2, creative harmonic multi-fx gets a new tape delay

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Delta Sound Labs Fold is a new plugin that gives you wavefolding, bit-crushing, filtering, and overdriven sounds into one harmonic mangling sound processor.

Update 1.2

Good news for all Fold users. Delta Sound Labs has just released an impressive free update for its creative distortion multi-fx processor. The new update adds a tape delay module with feedback and tape warble. There is also a new LFO for the delay time in milliseconds.

Delta Sound Labs Fold 1.2

This makes the plugin more extensive and versatile. Besides this, it comes with native Apple Silicon and Windows 11 support.

Article January 26th, 2021

Wavefolding is a distortion technique that is often used in modular synthesizers and good known from the Buchla universe. Lately, however, many developers brought this harmoniously swirling technology into software.

With Fold, Delta Sound Labs is now showing its own take on wavefolding distortion but paired with other interesting, rich sound shapers.

Delta Sound Labs Fold

Delta Sound Labs Fold

Fold is a distortion synthesis plugin that is capable of creating harmonically rich and musical distortions. The signal path is interesting. It starts with a resonant highpass filter and travels than in a series of three different distortion sections/modules. Drive is an amplitude-dependent distortion that lets you crossfade between soft, subtle, and hardware clipping distortions.

Next, we have the fold section which is probably the most interesting and special distortion in this plugin. It folds the waveform back onto itself, which creates rich overtones and timbres as a result. An effect that shines above all on simple signals. These shine in a new light even with small amounts. Crush is the last distortion algorithm and is a bit-crusher effect. It quantizes the input signal to create a typical crushing effect. A resonant lowpass filter (LPF) and FX amount knob are at the end of the signal chain.

The developer has minimized the operation of these modules to a minimum. Only one knob and slider is available per effect. So no deeper adjustments are possible. The modulation section is, however, richer. The drive, fold, crush, and LPF modules all have their own dedicated LFO (sine, square, saw) for modulation. You can sync all four LFOs to the host tempo what is handy and it comes with a mappable phase reset button. The latter is helpful to get more musical and rhythmically modulated results out of the plugin.

I like wavefolder distortions, and at first glance, it looks like a solid plugin with which you can mangle up the harmonics of your sounds. The demo sounds promising in my opinion.

Delta Sound Labs Fold is available now for $49 USD and supports VST, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin formats.

More information here: Ilio

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