Elektron Digitakt 1.5, not just new machines, also Loopcloud integration

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Elektron has released the Digitakt 1.5 firmware update adding new sample playback machines giving you warping, slicing, and more.


Yesterday Elektron released the big Digitakt 1.5 update, which unleashes the machines. They forgot to share something. There is one more new functionality.

Also new in firmware 1.5 is that Loopcloud, an online samples and loops service, now supports the Elektron Digitakt. Once connected via USB, you can access the internal memory of the Digitakt directly from the Loopcloud software without detours.

Elektron Digitakt 1.5 Loopcloud

You can load samples or loops from Loopcloud online library into the hardware via drag and drop. In the Loopcloud software, you can also manipulate your samples/loops with effects, trimming, etc. And then transfer them directly to the Digitakt.

This is another clever addition to the Digitakt sampler. I linked the video about the Digitakt Loopcloud announced below.

Article from March 1st, 2023

The Digitakt is one of the most popular modern hardware samplers. But this is not difficult either since the market for modern samplers is rather tiny. One of the strengths of the Swedish compact takt sampler is its hands-on workflow, which allows you to sample and build grooves on the fly.

For all Digitakt users, there is a reason to party today. Elektron has surprisingly released a major 1.5 update giving its sampler new creative features.

Elektron Digitakt 1.5

Elektron Digitakt 1.5

In a new Syntakt, Elektron has returned to his roots and leads machines again. Small programs that you still know from the Machinedrum. Different but inspired by this time. Now the machines aka sample playback engines, are also finding their way into the Digitakt.

The new Digitakt 1.5 intros four machines, one familiar and three all-new engines. One shot is the default machine in Digitakt 1.5. It is based on the classic Digitakt workflow in which you can launch or loop sounds with a button press or create beats and melodies with the built-in sequencer.

Werp is a new machine that allows samples and loops to be automatically locked to the tempo of your project or pattern. In this case, your samples are cut up into small time segments and are played consecutively aligned to the tempo. You can change the tune while staying in sync with your tempo or adjusting the tempo without affecting the pitch of your sounds.

Repitch is the third sample playback engine (machine) that automatically applies re-pitching to your samples and loops to match the pattern’s tempo. This is another different way to sync your samples to the tempo while changing their characteristics.

And Slice turns your samples into similarly sized slices that can be triggered individually. You can create these slices using the slice grid with 4, 8, 16, 32, or 64 segments. That’s not all.

Then, Elektron added sample rate reduction to the Digitakt 1.5 engine with post- or pre-filter configurations. According to the developer, they also have decreased the encoder sensitivity when changing MIDI parameters. They also improved filter switching to reduce the amount of unwanted audio artifacts that could occur.

Elektron also added functionality allowing you to record loops based on the current BPM when sampling or re-sampling. Very handy addition.

Previewing a sample or a recording while on a MIDI track is now possible. To use this, you need to preview it on the neighboring audio track.

Firmware 1.5 also fixes a bug where it was impossible to access Quick mutes and activate FILL mode when in GRID RECORDING mode

This is a very powerful update for Digitakt. Nice to see that Elektron continues to offer updates for its popular compact sampler after so many years. I’m still hoping that we’ll get some more specialized sampling features like granular in the future. Let’s hope.

Elektron Digitakt 1.5 update is available now as a free download for existing customers.

More information here: Elektron

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  1. Says a lot about brands like Roland and Korg that this thing still keeps it’s solid popularity with it’s mono limitation. Software that just keeps ‘giving’ make users warm hearted. Arguably the best brand marketing there is, yet others still insist on cringing hand waving “DJ” videos.

    Can we dare hope for an new Korg Electribe this year. Or maybe a new Roland machine without a peanut sized brain and an 80s LCD..

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