Shift Line A+ Astronaut V, new stereo space reverb with 22 algorithms

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The V version of the Shift Line A+ Astronaut stereo space reverb is out now with 22 distinct algorithms, presets, and a reworked hands-on user interface.

There are many small companies not only in the synthesizer market. Also, in effect pedal Business. Shift Line from Russia is a pedal manufacturer that develops very exciting pedals. One of the best known is the A+ Astronaut space reverb, which you can also get as a Eurorack module.

The A+ Astronaut is Shift Line’s flagship pedal. In the past few months, the company has been working on version 5 (V), which is now celebrating its premiere.

Shift Line A+ Astronaut V

Shift Line A+ Astronaut V

The Astronaut space reverb pedal goes into the fifth round with the A+ Astronaut V. Internally, it uses an ARM Cortex processor and an Analog Devices codec. Shift Line says it’s the most advanced and impressive-sounding Astronaut space unit to date.

A+ Astronaut V features 22 unique algorithms, each with flexible controls. The pedal includes the best algorithms from the previous versions in a reworked version to fully benefit from the new processor. They split into two distinct banks: RV bank has more classic reverbs including:

  • Spring (0), Plate (1), Room (2), Modulated (3), Skynet (4), Skynet -2 (5), Mechanics (6), ShimUp -2 (7), ShimUp (8), ShimUpDown (9), ShimDown (10)

In the FX bank, you can find more multi-fx infused reverbs, including:

  • Paradox (11), Reverse (12), Reverdox (13), Eva Maj (14), Eva Min (15), Eva Octave (16), Eva Random (17), Universe M1 (18), Universe M2 (19), Force Roar (20), Force OctDn (21)

The dual mono sound processing architecture carefully preserves the incoming signal’s stereo scene. It features a VCA-based mixer that allows you cross mix between the dry and wet signals made for smooth transitions with kill dry mode. Important, the dry signal doesn’t go through any AD/DA conversion. So there is no latency and no artifacts.

Shift Line A+ Astronaut V

Hands-On Control

Then, the new user interface, which has been completely revised, is particularly striking. The developers put a big focus on tweakability. A+ Astronaut V has knobs for all important parameters: character, decay, x-mix, PDL/time, and a second layer with a highpass filter, lowpass filter, volume, and stereo width. Plus, it also has a hold mode on the first footswitch for infinite sustain. Perfect for big spacy reverbs.

A significant advance compared to the previous versions is the ability to save user settings for each algorithm into the device’s memory. You can explore the pedal using the 33 extremely tweakable presets split into three banks. Alternatively, there is also a user bank for 11 custom presets.


Connection side, you get stereo (L/R) inputs and (L/R) outputs, as well as a CTRL and power supply inputs. The CTRL jack allows you to control all effect parameters via MIDI (including PC commands). It is also compatible with analog triggers and expression pedals. The pedal also hosts a USB-C port for extra tweakability and firmware updates.

The pedal is compact and made of a lightweight aluminum enclosure with top-mounted jacks to save pedalboard space.

The A+ Astronaut V is a nice further development of their reverb pedal series. The ability to save presets and tweak sounds faster is a welcome addition. The pedal continues to sound very good and versatile. Hope the V version will be the one that breaks through and brings the pedal to bigger retailers.

Shift Line A+ Astronaut V is available soon for $299 USD.

More information here: Shift Line 

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  1. Very interesting products! Also very aggressive priced. I wonder how they compare to Empress, Strymon and Eventide. I am on notify now.

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