Noystoise NT05 and NTSH, cute weird Lo-Fi Rhythmbox and joystick noise synths

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Noystoise has launched two beautiful, weird battery-powered synthesizers: NT05 lo-fi Rhythmbox and NTSH joystick noise synth.

I love writing about weird Synthesizer products that veer away from the mainstream. So products from developers without a marketing budget, are difficult to find on the web or, in my case, found through a video suggested by the algorithm. Yeah, a positive effect from the YouTube code. I only know the bad sides.

I love the sentence: can it be something unusual? And today, I have something from this world: very bizarre, different, and experimental. Indie developer Noytoise has introduced two new wild instruments, the NT05 and NTSH. I’m honest: I didn’t know the developer until now. But his website is instant fun.

Noystoise NT05 RhythmBox

Noytoise NT05

Let’s start with the biggest release, the NT05. It’s a Lo-Fi Rhythmbox that consists of two voices, a sine and noise section, two sequencers with different selectable rhythms, two “pad” envelopes, a single LFO, and a joystick. Analog or digital? No info, but I tend to use an analog engine. The design of this Synthesizer/groovebox is definitely extraordinary. A bit like a guitar pedal or synth couch. Funny and a bit bizarre is that various parameters are located on the back.

Sine and noise are the core elements that interact with the sequencer, making it a rhythmic box. The sine voice has knobs for the built-in VCA, distortion, and pitch knob. The distortion, in this case, is not a traditional distortion effect but a waveshaper that affects the waveform. You can achieve triangular, sine, and square waves with it. Of course, you can use the built-in modulators to animate various parameters, including the sine VCA, sine pitch…

The noise voice (LFSR type pseudo-random noise generator) has the same VCA, Pitch, and modulation features as the sine voice minus the distortion knob. The two pad envelope generators are velocity-sensitive and are triggered either internally by tapping the unit, or externally via the Pad Input jack that has a piezoelectric transducer built-in. The envelopes have various deeper features like inverted switches, response control knobs, and more.

Noystoise NT05 NTSH


Both elements can be triggered separately from each other using the built-in sequencers. There are two continuous recording/playback pattern banks with up 128 steps. You get eight two-channel 16-step rhythms to choose from for inputting into the pattern banks. The NT05 hardware has touch pads allowing you to select the rhythm. According to the dev, there is also a third channel per rhythm that can be substituted to either Sine or Noise pattern. You can also erase steps and start from scratch.

What is interesting here is that it’s not a traditional sequencer with individual step recording. It follows a “live on the fly” principle where you program it directly. Most of the time you program the synth and the sequencer first. Here everything happens at the same time.

Any rhythms already recorded will be looped continuously. In Record mode, the Pattern will continuously write over itself with any new input, or the looping output. The Pattern Banks are clocked by the Rate oscillator.

More points to mention:

  • internal/external clock source support (sync in/out on the back) (you can sync the speed of the rhythms to external 5V clock signals)
  • noise pattern bank can be sent out to external devices (Seq Out jack)
  • built-in speaker
  • battery powered by 6xAA batteries.
  • available in different colors

The NT05 looks like a very bizarre, fascinating lo-fi rhythm box. Very own and refreshingly different. Even if I don’t fully understand all the details, I hope I summarized it well.

Noystoise NTSH

In addition to the NT-05, Noystoise also shows the NTSH. Not to be confused with the Korg NTS-1 or NTS-2. These are cute, colorful handbuilt joystick noise synths. The feature set is easy to summarize: a VCO, a noise generator, a resonant filter, and an S&H. Since the space for a sequencer was too small, the developer installed an S&H circuit to imitate the behavior of a sequencer.

 Noystoise NT05 NTSH

Individual parameters can be routed to the S&H and envelope with a slider and you can play the whole engine with two color joysticks. Just like in an arcade hall, only that you generate wild noises here instead of moving an 80s superhero through dark worlds.

The NTSH is nothing groundbreaking new. But it’s a funny and nice little noise synth perfect for creating effects. And thanks to the 6.3mm output, the signal can also be easily fed through effects that open the door to a wider range of sounds.

Noystoise NT05 and NTSH are available now: NT05 is ready for order for $375 USD + shipping and the NTSH for $150 USD + shipping.

More information here: Noystoise 

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