Expert Sleepers disting mk4 4.22 firmware adds frequency and phase shifters

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Expert Sleepers disting mk4 update: the firmware 4.22 adds new frequency and phase shifters, bit crusher stereo operation, and more. 

Monday is very busy with Eurorack news. Then we stay a minute longer. The Expert Sleepers disting Mk4, unfortunately sold out everywhere at the moment, is a multi-function module with umpteen functions. The number grows and grows, thanks to the phenomenal work of the developer Andrew Ostler.

Over the weekend Os pushed another fascinating update for the disting mk4.

Expert Sleepers disting mk4 4.22

disting mk4 4.22

The new mk4 4.22, of course a free update, brings many new features. Starting with the highlights, the new frequency shifter and phase shifter algorithms that premiere in this new update. Two big new features that gives you many new sound design options. Also new are:

  • stereo operation for the bit crusher algorithm
  • delayed LFO now has a sawtooth waveform
  • new fine tune/sync parameter for the VCO with linear FM
  • trigger options to the clockable wavetable envelope
  • added the option for the Shift Register Random CVs algorithm to output a trigger.
  • bipolar voltage support to the CV/MIDI algorithm.
  • new offset parameter, and key parameter for the dual quantizer. The key parameter is also available in the dual quantizer (Z scale) algo.
  • added the ability to quantize to notes provided via MIDI to the Quantizer algorithm.
  • new mix and feedback parameters to the clockable delay/echo and tape delay.

Andrew Ostler also improves the existing algorithms and fixed bugs including

  • replaced the Output mode parameter with a Mix parameter in the Clockable Ping Pong Delay algorithms, and in the Stereo Tape Delay algorithm.
  • the Audio Playback with Crossfade algorithm no longer triggers playback when the folder is changed while the gate mode is 0.
  • fixed an issue in the Audio Playback with Reverse algorithm where a sample could not be triggered in reverse if it had the retriggerOnSampleChange playlist setting set to 0.

Another excellent disting mk4 update. Don’t miss this update and big thanks again Andrew for your work.

The new Expert Sleepers disting mk4 4.22 firmware is available now as a free download.

More information here: Expert Sleepers

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