4Pockets Shimmer Reverb (AUv3) Meets KORG Monologue Synthesizer In A Sound Demo!

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4Pockets has recently released Shimmer, a new shimmer reverb effect app for iOS with AUv3 support that works in DAW’s like Cubasis, Auria Pro, GarageBand and more.

4Pockets Shimmer

The effect combines a digital delay and pitch shifter to create multiple harmonies before entering a rich long reverb with controllable filtering. The resulting effect is a monstrously huge sound adding a spacious atmospheric quality to any lead instrument or vocal.

The effect also features many beat synced modulation options with various modes of operation such as your basic pans and vibrato effects but including sweeps and morphing harmonies. Finally to give the effect some real ‘shimmer’ we’ve added a harmonic exciter and a sustain section which samples and holds on to the sound to pull out and emphasize the harmonics.

Sound Demo With The KORG monologue Synthesizer

The effect presents all the most frequently used controls to the user in a single screen, but each effect has its own distinct set of controls and a total of 7 pre-configured touch pads allowing easy recording of controller data. This plugin allows complete parameter automation and auto-synced modulation to master tempo.

4Pockets Shimmer is available now for iPhone and iPad for $6.99 USD on the Apple App Store.

More information here: 4Pockets

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