Pittsburgh Modular teases Taiga, new paraphonic analog modular synth

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Pittsburgh Modular teases Taiga with three new videos, a new paraphonic analog modular Synthesizer coming on Jan 31st, 2023.

Pittsburgh Modular is known to many Synthesizer players for their Eurorack products. Many like their modules, others more their semi-modular compact synth lineup. Until now, musicians could buy the Lifeform SV-1, microvolt 3900, and the Voltage Lab as a complete synth. Three exciting, big-sounding analog synths.

The constant evolution of the instruments was nice to observe. From release to release, the designs became more complex and the synths more extensive and versatile. The Voltage Lab, for example, was the most extensive, original Pittsburgh synth. But, unfortunately, it quickly disappeared from the market.

Pittsburgh Modular teases Taiga

After the Voltage Lab ended, the developers went on a “Safari ” and published a series of experimental modules. These were only available in limited numbers and should serve as proof of concept for the developers. They have not only worked on modules.

Besides their close collaborations with Cre8audio on East Beast, West Pest, or Capt’n Big-O, a new Synthesizer called Taiga is ready. According to PM, it will be officially presented next week on January 31, 2023.

There are no details or photos of the synth. But Pittsburgh Modular already gives a few clues that show where the Taiga journey is going.

Juno Shop Leak

From a short leak from the British shop Juno.co.uk, we know it will be a paraphonic analog modular Synthesizer. Probably has a semi-modular form factor but is patchable with the freedom of a modular synth. Further, they leaked that it will have a black/wood finish and cost $794,70 USD.

Pittsburgh Modular teases Taiga

It will be exciting to see how many features have been taken over from the Safari modules in the new Taiga synth. Things like the Bat Dynamics LPG, the newly developed filter, or the excellent wavefolder from the budget analog oscillator winner Capt’n Big-O.

Richard Nicol said in the YouTube comments: “The safari series has been used to test a wide range of ideas for all our upcoming instruments, but Taiga did benefit from bits of the safari series.” Here also wrote:

“Taiga is made up of individual sections that can function independently but their sound and feature set have been shaped to work within the goals of the Synthesizer as a whole.

Herman Pearl, aka Soy Sos, a close music associate of Pittsburgh Modular and Richard’s streaming partner, said: “if you dig the microvolt 3900, wait till you see the Taiga.”

The microvolt 3900 was a very original Synthesizer with many nice details. Its unique sound and patching options were a big highlight. I’m inquisitive about Taiga.

Pittsburgh Modular Taiga will be officially launched on January 31, 2023.

More information here: Pittsburgh Modular 

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  1. yes please. if thats really the price then i’ll have to save until april! :O
    but the microvolt is amazing, missed out on both the lifeforms sv-1 and the voltage lab, so i’ll definitely grab try to grab this one. homies make good stuff.

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