AudioKit 5.3 brings audio app programming to your iPad & free AUv3 reverb for iOS

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AudioKit Pro brings audio app programming to your iPad with the free AudioKit 5.3 update and released Rack Reverb, a free AUv3 reverb app for iOS. 

Often you only need one click to buy an app in the AppStore. It takes significantly longer for a developer to create this app. Months can pass from the idea to the finished digital product. Plus it often requires very good programming skills.

The developers of AudioKit Pro have provided some remedy here with their AudioKit code. A super useful framework with which you can develop your first app much faster and easier. They have recently published AudioKit 5.3, a free update that brings audio and music app programming directly on your iPad. Thanks to the Apple Swift app, you can now explore the framework right from your iPad.

AudioKit Reverb

Check out the linked video to get an overview.  I am very pleased that the framework has made this important step. It gave many young developers the opportunity to realize their own ideas.

That’s not all. AudioKit Pro also has a very welcomed present for everyone for the end of the year. They published Rack Reverb, an AUv3 reverb app for iOS that is available for a limited time for free. It’s hard to say no to a new reverb app, especially if it’s free.

AudioKit Pro Rack Reverb

Rack Reverb is an easy-to-use reverb plugin for iOS (iPhone and iPad). It uses an reverb algorithm that is completely free and open-source. More precisely, you can use this code for you own apps. It’s a great gesture from Matthew Fecher of AudioKit Pro.

The app is super simple to operate. You have only three knobs. The red one controls the lo-cut, the green the reverb size and the black is the dry/wet mix. There is also a bypass. Important, it is an AUv3 plugin and not a standalone app. That means you need an AUv3 host or a DAW that supports them. GarageBand, AUM, Cubasis 2 & 3, BM3, and more are supporting AUv3 plugins.

AudioKit Pro Reverb is available for free for a limited time and runs as a AUv3 plugin on iPad and iPhone.

More information here: AudioKit Pro 

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