U-he Christmas Sale, save up to 58% OFF on Synthesizer and effects plugins (last chance)

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U-he has launched its Christmas Sale in collaboration with Native Instruments with savings of up to 58% OFF on Synthesizer and effects plugins. 

Last Chance to get a major discount on U-he plugins. The offer ends in less than 14 hours. 

Between Black Friday and Christmas is the best time to upgrade your plugin arsenal. Because then you can benefit from major discounts on plugins and bundles. Some manufacturers almost give away their entire plugin portfolios, others give the classic 50% OFF. Some developers don’t participate in this spectacle at all. A perfect example is Valhalla DSP.

This was also the case with the German company U-he for a long time. But since collaborating with Native Instruments, that has changed. Today they have once again started a discount campaign on a large part of their plugins. Discounts of up to 58% are available, a rarity for U-he. The last time, you could save money on these high-quality plugins was Christmas 2021.

U-he Christmas Sale

U-he Christmas Sale

In the endless number of Christmas plugin deals, this news is certainly one of the highlights. For a limited time, you can save up to 58% discount on excellent U-he plugins. There is also an extra bundle with everything in one. You can get the following plugins individually with a 50% OFF discount.

  • DIVA analog modeling Synthesizer
  • HIVE 2, a modern, lightweight Synthesizer plugin REPRO gives you authentic emulations of the legendary Sequential PRO-1 and Prophet 5 analog synthesizers.
  • PRESSWERK, a compressor and saturation combo in a plugin
  • SATIN, a versatile tape simulator
  • TWANGSTRÖM, a spring reverb emulation
  • COLOUR COPY, a stereo delay that captures the sound of 70s and 80s bucket brigade delays

The new MFM2.5 (more feedback machine delay plugin) is not included as it has only recently come onto the market. The same applies to the oldy but goldy ACE semi-modular synth, the FM modular beast Bazille or the effects Filterscape or Uhbik.

Zebra Legacy is also part of this U-he sale, but there is no extra discount on the price. The price remains at $99 USD with no upgrade option to the upcoming Zebra 3.

Further, there is the U-he Collection 2, which includes all the plugins that are on sale in one package with an even better price. Side info: the package comes with individual licenses for the plugins sand, not a fishy single one. If you want “everything,” you make the best deal here.

This is a rare opportunity to get these excellent high-quality plugins with constant support for a very good price. I can only say: don’t miss it.

The U-he Christmas Deal is available until January 10th, 2023 exclusively on the Native Instruments website.

More information here: Native Instruments 

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