ST Modular Euphoria, a DIY west-coast patchable analog Synthesizer

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ST Modular has unveiled its first complete DIY semi-modular analog Synthesizer with an advanced 2-oscillator west-coast heart. 

Stefan Tretau or better known as ST Modular is a developer who has made a name for himself in the DIY scene. So far he has specialized in advanced, performance-oriented Eurorack modules. Oscillators, filters, VCAs, etc. ST Modular has it all.

And now Stefan is also going the complete route with the Euphoria.

ST Modular Euphoria

ST Modular Euphoria

For his first complete Synthesizer, ST-Modular stays true to his concept. Euphoria is a semi-modular west-coast Synthesizer that is only available as a DIY project.

It consists of 16 PCBs in total and 1680 parts to be soldered or mounted. That’s a big project and the Synthesizer feature list is equally impressive.

Euphoria features two VCOs with classic CEM3340-based waveforms (triangle, saw, pulse, saw), sub-octaves, and a noise generator. Plus, you get a newly developed waveshaping tone generator in the primary oscillator.

The waveforms can be taken further by seamlessly blending the oscillators manually or by CV. You can also apply different waveform shapers for adding harmonic content including PWM, linear/exponential FM, and oscillator sync.

ST Modular Euphoria

West-Coast Processing

There is no filter but you get a low-pass gate (LPG) per oscillator which is basically a mixture of a filter and VCA in one. You can optionally route them through an internal AC-coupled VCA.

Besides the LPG per oscillator, it has an internal ADSR envelope onboard to shape and express your sounds. Further, there is a CV-controllable multi-wave LFO and a Buchla 281-inspired function generator. There are also a plethora of different little, handy functions available via a buffered multiple and additional DC-coupled VCA. Great for multiplying, inverting, and amplifying your signals.

You can also add depth and space to your sounds with the built-in reverb unit. This can be either an analog spring tank or a digital reverb brick. You can work with reverb feedback and adjust the amount with a dedicated CV-controllable potentiometer.

VARI Boards & Sequencers

ST Modular has also equipped Euphoria with VARI Boards that are interchangeable boards. Each has different functionality. What functionality these have is not known.

For the melodic part, Euphoria comes with two different sequencers. The first is a 5-step trigger and CV sequencer while the second gives you additional 4 steps of CV sequencing. You can transpose, change the length of a sequencer, control the tempo via CV, add swing or manually program it with a push of a button.

First Impression

At first glance an exciting semi-modular west-coast Synthesizer. The feature set is deep and promises long patches of fun. I like the interface which is very clear and easy to read. Too bad it’s just a DIY project that requires very good soldering knowledge.

ST Modular Euphoria will be available soon exclusively as a DIY project. The project, which consists of 16 PCBs, costs an estimated €600 with all components.

More information here: ST Modular 

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  1. Documentation is still a bit flimsy, so uncertain as yet if the build would please me or not. If all I get is the current manual and the (not yet available BOM), I’ll pass. If the kit will only contain the PCB’s with components, I’ll pass as well.

    The reasons: 1) to get a satisfying finished look, I’d hope also the timberwork, the frontpanel and the knobs will be included (can’t find info on the site whether it will or won’t). I don’t want to build something that looks like… I’ve built it myself! The way Stefan finished it, it looks damn cool, so I’d want to get a similar result.

    2) from a build perspective, I’d like to understand a little bit of what I would be building. That should be part of the satisfaction of the build. So I hope that kind of background knowledge will be added to the manual.

  2. @ new ignis

    Hey normally with st nodular you can buy panrl and pcb at pushermanproduction. The components you need to source yourself. And the bom is already online when i checked yesterday.

    Sometimes pusherman also builds and sells some of the modules of st or offers kits with smd soldered, but i guess not with this giant thing.

    But yeah you can be sure with st that you get pcb and panel and in the boom the original knobs and so on are linked exactly. So the only thing you need to have the original look would be the wooden case, because i guess st and ousher will not build that. But only my guess.

    Greetings Largeman

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