Apollo View Allscillator, new analog oscillator pushing the 3340 limit

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Apollo View Allscillator is a new analog oscillator that pushes the 3340 chip to its limits thanks to a packed feature set.

The 3340 chip is one of the most common oscillator cores in the Eurorack world. This is a reissue of the Curtis 3340 chip. Since the chip is available in bulk after its reintroduction, plenty of oscillators came onto the market. Behringer, who produces synthesizers in large quantities, also uses them in many products.

However, many of these new releases have a very similar classic feature set. That this chip is capable of more than just saw, square… waveforms. now shows Apollo View Modular with its new Allscillator module, the developers of the wild Rabit Hole summing mixer+distortion module.

Apollo View Allscillator

Apollo View Allscillator

Allscillator is a new 10HP 3340 triangle-core based analog oscillator for Eurorack. Very striking is its black front panel with red stripes on it. Looks very eye-catching. The same applies to the name.

It contains the words ALL and oscillator, which want to point out that all the waveforms that the 3340 chips can generate are available in the video. Plus, everything you can generate through generate. Eight in total are available: Square Sine, Sine, Tri, Pulse (PWM), Sharktooth, Saw, PWM Saw. We see classic but also a bit more unusual waveforms like PWM Saw.

Apollo View says that its new oscillator is extremely stable across all temperatures and is wide-ranging (0.0011Hz – 20kHz). It can be operated as a VCO, LFO, or even ultra-LFO with a range from 15 mins to 12 seconds. The LFOs can be pushed up into the Audio range by using 1V/oct and FM inputs.

It also hosts a sub-octave with selectable square/pulse waveforms and -1 Octave, -2 Octave, and -2* Octave Pulse (25% high, 75% low duty cycle). With this, you can add bottom to the oscillator and make it richer and rounder.


Then, on the shaping/modulation side, you get FM with exponential and linear frequency modulation, each FM input with a dedicated range attenuator. There are also three types of independent oscillator sync: positive or negative edge hard sync or soft sync from a negative edge. This functionality is great for adding harmonic content to existing waveforms or for razor-sharp sounds.

The developers promise that Allscillator tracks 1V/oct over +10 octaves which is a very large range. DivKid made an extensive video about the module where he shows how to patch oscillators more interestingly.

Even if it’s another 3340-based oscillator, the feature set is exciting because it puts you well behind the classic 3340 sounds.

Apollo View Allscillator will be available for £369.

More information here: Apollo View Modular

The module will be available at my partner.

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