RIP Manuel Göttsching, Krautrock musician and electronic music pioneer has passed away

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RIP Manuel Göttsching, German Krautrock musician (Ash Ra Tempel…) and electronic music pioneer, has passed away at the age of 70 years

2022 was a sad year for electronic music. Many big names have left the stage forever. Among others, the electronic music pioneer Klaus Schulze, Vangelis but also ingenious synthesizer developers like Rob Hordijk. Today I got another sad info that another electronic music pioneer said goodbye to us forever.

The Krautrock musician Manuel Göttsching, leader of Ash Ra Tempel, passed away a week ago at the age of 70.

RIP Manuel Göttsching

Regarding Kraut Rock and Berlin School, the music directions that have shaped electronic musicians the most in the past, Klaus Schulze, Edgar Froese (Tangerine Dream), or Jean Michel Jarre, are often counted among the big pioneers. For me, Manuel Göttsching is also one of them, who has had a massive influence on electronic music with his guitar and Synthesizer playing.

He was best known for his endless improvisions that led to the founding of Ash Ra Temple. A legendary Krautrock/electronic music band consisting of Manual Göttsching, Klaus Schulze, and Hartmut Enke. However, just after Ash Ra Tempel released its self-titled debut album in 1971, Schulze left to pursue what became a successful solo career

After Ash Ra Tempel and other projects, Manuel Göttsching released many solo albums. For example, Inventions for Electric Guitar or E2-E4. All albums that are legendary and are an important part of Krautrock’s history.

Now he has left us forever, leaving a big void in the world of classic electronic music. His music will always be a big part of my musical world. I love his music and still listen to it often to this day.

It was even the soundtrack when writing my master’s thesis. The album Dream & Desire from 1991, mainly because the sounds and the many repetitions let you dive into cosmic worlds and forget about the environment around you.

Official Statement

Manuel Göttsching passed away peacefully on December 4, 2022 surrounded by his family.

We want to fill the void he leaves behind with his unique music and fill the memory of him.

“If your fingers strummed the strings of a guitar, the world stopped. May she stop and bring you back to us, every time we hear you play.” Rest in peace.

Thank you for everything you gave us. You were a true music pioneer. RIP Manuel Göttsching.

More information here: Manuel Göttsching 

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