Deal: IK Multimedia UNO Synth Pro analog synths up to 49% OFF

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Deal: save up to 49% OFF on the IK Multimedia UNO Synth Pro, desktop and keyboard paraphonic analog synthesizers. 

Already in April, I informed you that there is a very good deal on the IK Multimedia Uno Synth Pro. At that time, the keyboard version was available for just under 500€. Already a significant discount if you look at the official price tag of 818€ on the IK website.

The latest deal shows that it goes even deeper. Amazon has again significantly reduced the prices of both paraphonic analog synthesizers. So it’s almost a 50% discount. Once again, for a limited time. It is not known how long this deal will be available, but it’s also available on Amazon France, Spain…

Deal Uno Synth Pro

Deal UNO Synth Pro Desktop and Keyboard

UNO Synth Pro is a 3-voice feature-packed paraphonic analog Synthesizer. Available either as a desktop instrument or with a Fatar keybed. Both synths have the same extensive engine, only the form factor is different

You get three versatile, rich-sounding morphing analog oscillators, two analog filters with 24 different modes, three-slot effects with 12 studio-quality effects, analog overdrive, envelopes, and LFOs powered by a big modulation matrix, a 64-step sequencer with parameter automation, and more.

Feature Highlights

  • 3 continuously variable waveshape oscillators with PWM, synch, FM, and ring modulation
  • dual filter design consisting of a new SSI filter and the original UNO Synth filter with 24 possible modes, including serial and parallel routing
  • 3-slot multi-fx plugin with 12 studio-quality digital effects: modulation, delay, and reverb + analog overdrive
  • rich modulation with two full ADSR envelopes, 2 multi-wave LFOs, and a big modulation matrix
  • onboard arpeggiator and 64-step sequencer with parameter automation
  • 256 user-editable presets
  • free editor for macOS and Windows
  • USB, MIDI and CV/Gate I/O
  • external input to the filters, and effects

The Uno Synth Pro is one of the most exciting analog synthesizers of the past year. Yes, the design failed as well as the control panel. An analog synthesizer should be hands-on and usable with lots of knobs. The USP does not have that and uses a matrix interface which is not very inviting for tweaking sounds.

The review showed that this is the case. Menu diving is on the program. Good that there is an editor that can also do deeper sound design. Installing a micro USB connector is also not ideal on a big hefty hardware unit.

Deal Uno Synth Pro

Nevertheless, the Pro version of the UNO sounds very rich and full. I’ll go so far as to say it’s one of my favorite analog synthesizer releases of the last few years. In addition to its very impressive three-oscillator analog sound, you get effects that are on a very high level. They can not only finalize your sounds but are also suitable for deeper sound designs because they can also be modulated.

For the current sale price, the Uno Synth Pro offers a lot of features that you don’t get with other classic analog synthesizers. If you can handle the design and user interface, this is an excellent analog synth deal.

IK Multimedia UNO Synth Pro desktop is available now for 224,62€ and the keyboard version for 415,69€ for a limited time.

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  1. That is really a good price. Other prices are between 585 and 700,- The sound has already had its praises.
    I know the user interface isn’t that much, but it has a decent MIDI CC implementation, and because the Editor also works with MIDI, I suspect it will have a good, allthough undocumented SysEx, so I’m pretty confident I can give it my own PC-less version on a MIDI controller to open its full potential.
    More over, with the Fatar keybed + DIN MIDI + USB + CV/Gate, it might be a good overall keyboard controller as well. For that price I’ll make the jump.

  2. Nice! Been waiting for this. (Bought my Uno Synth on a similar deal.)
    Unfortunately, it’s not available in Canadian stores (yet?). So I bought directly from IK. Though shipping is rather expensive, it was an opportunity to use my (usually useless) “Jam Points”.
    So, 250USD/350CAD instead of 450CAD (the cheapest I had noticed) or 500CAD at regular price.

      • No need to reply, just looked up the abbreviation. That was a new one to me 🙂 I thought I missed out on a Synth abbreviation somewhere 😀

        Anyways if I would choose synths based on their esthetics, I would have no GAS burden at all!

        • Excellent point about GAS prevention!
          Maybe there could be some kind of focus group where we disguise synths to be even uglier, as a way to fight the addiction… 😉

  3. In the meantime I did buy the keyboard version, and its looks are better in real life than on pictures. It’s very well built, encased in 3 mm aluminium. High quality indeed. And the sound is unlike anything else I have, and believe me, I’ve had a few. So it has the right to its own existence, I’d say. The user interface on the other hand, leaves much to be desired for, but I have my solutions for that..

  4. That sale was good, but IK’s website let’s you order this with jam points right now 12/30/22 @ 4:30 pm, for $209+tax!

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