Ambient Meets Techno Performed With A Hybrid Setup By Discrete Formants (Interview)

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Discrete Formants (Vienna) played at the Signal Zirkus 023 in September with his hybrid live setup a lovely mix of ambient & techno.

In September it was time again. In Vienna, more precisely, in the Rhiz Bar, the 23 edition of the Signal Zirkus takes place. An event series in which I actively participate.

That evening, we welcomed three exciting live acts, each one with a different music style and setup. One of them was Discrete Formants, an electronic musician living in Vienna who presented a mixture of ambient, dub, electronica, and techno for the guests.

Discrete Formants

Hybrid Setup

For his performance, he relied on a hybrid setup consisting of a MacBook Pro with Ableton Live 10, an Eurorack modular synthesizer system and an audio interface. His love for Mutable Instruments and Make Noise modules was obvious.

For the modulation, he uses the very versatile Xaoc Devices Zadar and as delay the 4ms Tapographic Delay. The pre-made clips in Ableton Live he controlled with the Akai Pro APC Mini mici controller.

Discrete Formants

The final result was a harmonious concert with a colorful mix of different styles (ambient, dub, techno …) even experimental music elements. You can now find the complete live set on Mixcloud to listen to.

Here the complete interview to check out.

More information here: Signal Zirkus 


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