Aodyo Anyma Omega, poly physical modeling synth 250% funded, last hours to join

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Aodyo Anyma Omega is a new powerful 16-voice polyphonic physical modeling Synthesizer with keys or desktop, now on Kickstarter.

In mid-November, the French company Aodyo Audio launched the Kickstarter campaign for the Anyma Omega. A new polyphonic physical modeling Synthesizer. We are now in the final phase, and there are only a few hours left to participate. More precisely, the possibility of getting the Anyma Omega up to 30% cheaper than the later during the release.

The Kickstarter project is already 250% funded, and thanks to the many participants, exciting new features have been unlocked that will be added to the final instrument.  Including full MPE support, new synthesis models and modules, a polyphonic aftertouch keybed, an advanced sequencer, and CV/gate I/O.

Aodyo Anyma Omega Kickstarter

There is also a breath controller input and new chorder/strummer functionalities. The latest addition is a new dimension for the built-in multi-touch ribbon controller on both the desktop and keyboard versions.

I’m taking part in the campaign myself and am looking forward to the final instrument. Always wanted a modern polyphonic physical modeling Synthesizer. With the Omega, it could become a reality.

Article From November 14th, 2022

Physical modeling is one of my all-time favorite synthesis types. It makes organic-sounding timbres possible like no other. Most of the physical modeling-based instruments are found in software products, i.e. plugins such as those from Applied Acoustics Systems, Rhizomatic Software Synthesis, Korg, and others.

Only a few have dared to use hardware with this technology. Both in the past and today. For example, the Korg Prophecy and Z1 are old-school physical modeling synths that are still very popular today. The reason is simple: there are no real successors.

Aodyo Anyma Omega Keyboard

So I was all the most pleased when Aodyo from France announced the Anyma Phi Synthesizer at the end of 2020. A Blofeld-style PM synth with a very deep engine.

The only downsides are that it’s monophonic and not super hands-on. The developers heard these criticisms from the community and are now showing the polyphonic answer to the Phi with the Omega. It is now available for pre-order on Kickstarter.

Aodyo Anyma Omega

The new Anyma Omega takes the Anyma Phi physical modeling engine to the polyphonic world. It will be available in a FATAR keyboard version with velocity + aftertouch and in a desktop version. Great detail: if the campaign gets more than 160k, they will add a polyphonic aftertouch keybed from FATAR.

Both Omega versions are powered by the same 16-voice polyphonic engine with layering, split and 4 part stacking capabilities. This allows you to create very complex multi-layer sounds.

Aodyo Anyma Omega desktop

Mighty Engine

Omega uses the same huge, versatile engine as the A. Phi, only with polyphonic bones. More precisely, you get three oscillator slots with more than 30 different types, including wind/string physical models, modal resonators, virtual analog, and digital algorithms). There are also 5 effects slots with more than 30 types ranging from classic delay, reverb up to unique processors like resonators, granular, and FM operators.

Then, it comes with an exclusive Polymorph functionality that gives width, density, and depth to the sound says the Aodyo Instruments developers.

Aodyo Anyma Omega render

The modulation is just as powerful as the oscillators and effects. You get 16 modulation slots with more than 40 different mod types. You create modulation signals using envelopes, LFOs, curves, interpolators, slew limiters, sequencers, physical and algorithmic processors, and more. And you can map the modulators to parameters in a 32-slot modulation matrix with sidechain input and min/max/cure smoothing.

There is also a built-in arpeggiator and sequencer on each part with internal patterns, internal/external MIDI clock sync, and custom triggers. The Anyma Omega also has micro-tuning support.


In addition to the polyphony, the Omega offers a more hands-on operation. The Phi uses a matrix user interface that is reminiscent from the Waldorf Blofeld. Not the polyphonic brother/sister. The Anyma Omega takes a different approach and features a big OLED screen with 16 knobs arranged below it. The keyboard version benefits from 4 more.

On both versions, you will also find many buttons as well as 16 illuminated pads. There is also a ribbon controller with which you can probably morph the sounds

Further, the keyboard version hosts hardware pitch and mod wheels, as well as a big touchpad for triggering sounds or morphing parameters. According to the developer, the Omega also offers an editor with which the sounds can also be remotely controlled from the computer. Similar to the Anyma Phi.


Connection side, it will feature a main stereo out (L/R), phones, aux stereo out (L/R), main + aux stereo in (L/R), full-size MIDI in/out/thru, two pedal inputs (expression, hold), and USB ports for device and host.

My wish to see the Anyma Phi in polyphony and more controls have come true. It’s wonderful to see that there will soon be a modern polyphonic physical modeling Synthesizer again. I like a lot that you can now explore the engine on a hardware display and just in a matrix or soft editor.

The official retail price of Anyma Omega will be 1650€ for the keyboard and 1200€ for the desktop. There are special discounts and bundles available if you pre-order it from Kickstarter. You can pre-order it now and the first unit ships in June 2023.

More information here: Kickstarter 

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  1. WOW!
    This looks mega dope! That’s really worth the price and tbh that’s even a no-brainer at 1200€ and 1650€!

  2. “It is now available for pre-order on Kickstarter.”

    No Tom, definitely not up for “pre-order” (get to grips, please) – when will everyone finally get it!? Pledging on KS is not at all like an order process, there is an important legal difference!

      • “They will ship the first units (40% discount offer) in June 2023.”

        Thats not adressing my point at all, and there is always a chance _nothing_ will be shipped, as with every KS campaign.
        You dont pre-order a product on a basis of a legally binding contract, you pledge (“donate”) some amount and as a donor you may be up to a revward (yes, not even entitled) choosen according to your pledge level. These rewards may or may not come into existence, with varying levels of probability, depending on not only the creator but other factors too.

        That is what definitely needs to be clarified here, as too often people think they pay their share and have a “pre-order” guaranteed. They dont even read the KS TOS! Then, when a project falls through, they are upset and start demanding.
        As a proclaimed journalist i expect you to know legal differences to some degree, and do way better here; i.e. not using that ‘pre-order’ terminology at all, same issue i have with “they *will* ship”. That is a bad take and just dismissing / not mentioning the underlying risks.

        • By now in 2022 most people should know how Kickstarter, Indiegogo… work. I’m not a justice website, I also read everything before I “pre-ordered” the keyboard version of the Omega. I can’t continue the article 2 pages with the dangers of a kickstarter. I don’t have the time to re-mention it in detail how these websites work. Strictly speaking, you give the money to support a company project resulting in a pre-order for a product that you will get in June 2023. Sorry if this is not clarified enough for you but everyone should know beforehand where he spends his money. This includes a bit of self-responsibility by reading what is written on Kickstarter. I did the same thing.

  3. As excited as you are about PM’s potential. As is the moForte team:

    Got some VL70m units (using them with Yamaha windcontrollers) along with diverse pieces of software (moForte’s GeoShred, Rudy Verpaele’s Respiro, Audio Modeling’s SWAM Instruments, Chet Singer’s Silverwood ensembles for Reaktor…). Also played with the Anyma engine on the Sylphyo.
    As is getting pretty clear, the future of PM comes through expressive controllers. Thankfully, Aodyo’s KS campaign already unlocked MPE support. And the strip will likely help make the instruments more expressive. Not to mention the potential for PolyAT if they reach that level of funding.
    It’s just that… These sounds need something quite radical in terms of expressiveness. Which might be where the Exquis comes in (also expected to be released in June 2023).
    Given my experience with the Sylphyo, I’m a bit disappointed that the company focused on keyboard and knobs. It’s understandable that they didn’t create a new Sylphyo, since windcontrollers are a niche within a niche. It’s just that… There are so many performance controls making PM synthesis sing that a radically new control model would have really carried PM to a breakthrough.
    Yes, I’m just dreaming. And I did pledge for the desktop SEA version of AΩ.

  4. I fully understand that we have $current_year (love that meme!) and you neither have space nor time. But choosing wordings like ‘pre-order’ and ‘They will ship it in xyz’ (for substitiutions were easily identifiable) keeps being still irresponsible, as the first definitely is untrue and the second maybe – hopefully not. Well, am a first time backer too, but i have years of background.
    You are just weaseling your way out of using words that are unfortunately typical of most representatives of the journalistic profession, showing something differently than it really is. Your Amazona-contributions contribute to that, btw.

    • Oh for FFS, how fucking bored and entitled are you? Tom is right with his choice of words here, we’re not toddlers on our first day on the internet, we get it.

    • Komm mal von deinem Hohen Ross runter. Ich tue weder jemanden weh hier noch schädige ich jemanden. Auch dir oder deiner Familie nicht. Wenn du mich angreifen muss aus langweilige oder wenn du dein eigenes Haar in der Suppe gefunden hast, toll, wenn man nichts anderes im Leben zu tun… Das zeigt leider auf welchem Niveau du hier schreibst. Das finde ich traurig wie weit ein bestimmter Teil der Gesellschaft gekommen ist. Have a nice evening in North Rhine-Westphalia!

  5. Tom, just letting you know that my comment was defending your language. Specktorpedo is WAY out of line here. Ignore them and keep doing what you do!

  6. @John are you sure. I didn’t pay that much attention. I expected to be all Mutable Instruments modules basically, including Plaits. (Since they also quote MI Emilie Gillet.) Although without the recent new update, would be awesome to have the DX-7 synthesis available and the wave terrain sounds interesting too.
    According to the modulation, I thought it would be a fullsize MI Tides!
    I pledged, because I have been interested in a modern version of a Yamaha EX5 typ thing.
    To bad the vst is not included.

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