AudioThing Filterjam, free weird filter plugin is available now for iOS AUv3

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AudioThing has released the iOS port of its free multi-band filter plugin Filterjam as a standalone app with AUv3 support.

It did not take long. After the announcement on Christmas Eve that the Italian developer AudioThing will be porting its products to iOS, the first app is now available.

Filterjam, the first app, is now available for download from the Apple AppStore. The second good news: it’s a free download.

AudioThing Filterjam iOS

AudioThing FilterJam iOS

Filterjam is an easy-to-use multi-band resonant filter plugin that creates weird ring modulation like filtered sounds. The user interface is straightforward with cutoff frequency, emphasis, aka resonance, mode control, gain and mix controls.

Unlike classic filter processors, Filterjam offers a unique signal path. The input signal is divided here into 4 bands. Using the selected mode knob, you can choose whether the four bands are summed or multiplied.

This allows you to create various sound characteristics, from classic filtering to harsh, weird sound manglings. It can easily add brightness or depth to your sounds.

AudioThing ships Filterjam with different ready-to-use factory presets. Additionally, there is a handy randomizer for instant new sounds with just one click.

A very welcome release. I am delighted to see that AudioThing is also discovering the iOS world. Looking forward to the next releases.

AudioThing Filterjam is available now as a free download from the Apple AppStore. It runs on iPad/iPhone as an AUv3 plugin.

More information: AudioThing   AppStore

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