KORG Monologue Synthesizer & BLEASS Delay AUv3 Sound Demo!

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BLEASS Delay is out and is a new versatile delay effect processor for iOS with AUv3 support. It features a delay with sync and ping pong options, a frequency shifter as well as two filters (low- & highpass). For more complex sounds, each stage comes with an LFO.

The developer describes the sound possibilities as cinematic and experimental sonic experiences. From the first sound demos, I can say it sounds interesting and you can create some interesting textures for your tracks. Unfortunately, the app is only an AUv3 app so you must use it with an AUv3 hosting app like AUM, Garageband… But! You can use the app also in a standalone mode with headphones+mic or an external soundcard



  • Delay Line with Sync and Ping Pong Stereo options
  • Frequency Shifter in the feedback stage for creating harmonic flux
  • Two Filters (Low Pass / High Pass with resonance) for creating warm analog Echo effects
  • Each stage has its own LFO with Stereo Phase to create even wider space movements.

All these features are shown within the factory presets, and you can save your own presets which will automatically carry over across different host apps. 
All variables are exposed as AU Parameters in hosts which support automation. BLEASS delay can also be used as a standalone app using headphones and mic or an external sound card.

KORG monologue & BLEASS Delay AUv3 Sound Demo

BLEASS Delay is available now for pre-order for an intro price of $2.99 USD from the Apple App Store.  The regular price will be $4.99 USD starting from March the 4th, 2019!

More information here: BLEASS Delay

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