Sonic Charge BeatSpace, new AI-based Microtonic script generates beats for you

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Sonic Charge BeatSpace is a new free AI-based Microtonic drum synth script that generates endless great-sounding beats for you.

The MicroTonic is one of the most popular and longest-running drum Synthesizer plugins on the market. MicroTonic is relatively simple and classic in terms of synthesis with its eight channels. Its engine is. however, tuned so nicely, the synth is a pure sweetspot machine for drum and percussive sounds.

Another highlight is the possibility of extending the MicroTonic feature set with your own crafted scripts. For the Christmas holidays, there is now another excellent script for everyone.

Sonic Charge BeatSpace

Sonic Charge BeatSpace

Sonic Charge has different plugins in its portfolio. In addition, they always work on smaller projects like the collaboration with TE on the PO-32 or the Patternarium. The latter is a companion application that features thousands of computer-generated, royalty-free Microtonic presets.

You can listen to them directly online. download or copy any preset directly into your MicroTonic plugin. Plus, you can also participate in the rhythm evolution by voting on what you do and do not like.

Sonic Charge BeatSpace

The developers have now taken this fascinating idea further and built it into BeatSpace, a new free script for the MicroTonic plugin. It’s based on a neural network trained by nearly 30.000 Patternarium presets to create great-sounding beats. These are then spread on a 2-dimensional map.

BeatSpace allows you to drag eight points around this map, where each point represents a sound and pattern for a channel of MicroTonic. According to SC, there are 1000 x 1000 unique points to explore.

Further, you can morph and combine sounds + rhythms into your own unique creations. So you can quickly create new beats with new sounds. Plus, you get a built-in randomizer.


This looks like another fascinating new script for the MicroTonic plugin. Especially if you are out of ideas, this script can help you a lot. Or just for experimenting with sounds. Big like for this release.

Sonic Charge BeatSpace is available now as a free download for existing MicroTonic customers. BeatSpace is included in the latest version of the Official Microtonic Scripts installer, available for registered Microtonic users.

More information here: Sonic Charge

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