Korg Teases Legendary Synthesizer Recreation, Triton As iOS App?

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Korg teases a legendary Synthesizer recreation, which at first glance looks like a hardware instrument, but there is strong evidence of another iOS synthesizer app

The Christmas season has begun and this also means speculation and teasers for new product announcements for NAMM 2020 have begun. Like last year, the Japanese manufacturer Korg is back at the start very early. On the official Korg Instagram, a video was released last evening that shows a teaser for a legendary Synthesizer recreation.

If you take a close look at the video, make a screenshot of this and you will clearly see the Triton, a music workstation/Synthesizer, featuring digital sampling & sequencing, released back in 1999.

Korg Legendary Synthesizer Recreation

Our friends at Gearnews.com are already speculating on a new modern hardware Triton Synthesizer but they have overlooked something essential. The post is a re-post from the Korg App Instagram account. So I am sure that Korg will launch shortly a Triton Synthesizer recreation as an iOS app for iPhone & iPad.

Another note is in the post: “The Black Friday Sale continues”, which refers to the iOS and plugin Sale and less to the hardware. Even the hashtag software gives us clues to an app and not hardware.

They have already done that with some vintage synthesizers from the past. The M1 as iM1 or the Wavestation as iWavestation. So we will soon see pretty sure the iTriton App or Triton plugin for PC & Mac. In my opinion, that makes more sense than a hardware remake. With the current technology, KORG can produce far more advanced and interesting hardware devices than a Triton.

Stay tuned for all detailed information.

More information: KORG

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  1. Electribe Wave is AUv3. If this can also come to “the bright side of life” (as well as a gadget, one would guess), a lot of cool stuff could start happening.

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