BT Synthesizer and Studio Tour

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Video brings you to BT, aka Brian Transeau’s studio, with a full tour of his Synthesizer collection, drum machines, effects, and more. 

Many musicians exhibit their synthesizers in their studios. But like a trophy collection. These can be small but fine but also huge. A musician who belongs to the latter group is the US musician Brian Transeau aka BT.

An interesting video shows his impressive collection of vintage and modern Synthesizers, drum machines, effects, and more. The video was first published on Facebook a few years ago. It recently appeared on YouTube. So there are definitely more instruments and other gear currently in the collection.

BT Synthesizer & Studio Tour

Brian Transeau is a Grammy Nominated electronic music composer, software developer, DJ, and film composer.

Pay attention to how often BT says it’s “the greatest” or his favorite Synthesizer. He doesn’t want to tell us exactly what his absolute favorite is. He makes it easier for himself, and says almost all of them are his favorites.

More information here: BT 

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    • His whole persona is off putting. And it is a bit much calling him a developer! He has funded development of software, he is NOT an engineer by any means.

  1. he was great in the 90’s. haven’t listened to him since then; ESCM and IMA were very listenable.

    and now we have to deal with captcha downtime. friggin traffic lights….

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