Samplist Is A New MIDI Sampler Instrument For iOS

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Good sampler apps exist only few on the market but this change today with a nice addition. Samplist is a new easy-to-use MIDI sampler instrument application for iOS. It allows you to import samples from different files apps / Open in features and play back them back with MIDI. The samples can be sliced and each slice has its own filter section, envelope and realtime pitch shifter.

The developer wrote in the app description that it’s only the beginning and that many new features will coming in the near future. Hopefully a AUv3 version of it.


Samplist is a MIDI sampler instrument which allows you to chop a sample into different parts and play them with the on screen keyboard or a MIDI keyboard.

  • Audiobus
  • Inter-app Audio
  • MIDI in, both wired & via Bluetooth LE
  • Sample import from Files app or “Open in…”
  • Export slices as Zip file to other apps
  • Each slice has its own Filter, Envelope & Realtime pitch shifter.
  • More to come in the near future

Available here: Samplist 


  1. I’m a bit surprised at the hype about this app. It’s almost as if a cure to cancer had been found. Sure, it’s nice and not too buggy anymore after a few “hotfixes”, and the sale pricing is OK, though the regular price is way too high for what’s on offer. Seriously, there’s so many similar apps which offer far, far more features for less money… not sure what to think.

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