Limbic Bits Minerals, new sound pack for the Modal Cobalt8 Synthesizer

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Limbic Bits Minerals, a new sound pack for the Modal Cobalt8 virtual analog Synthesizer packed with 70 highly-expressive ambient and techno sounds. 

The Modal Electronics Cobalt8 is a modern digital Synthesizer that brings virtual analog synthesis into the modern age. Thanks to its highly versatile algorithms, it enables sounds that are not possible with classic VAs.

A full in-depth review is available here. Limbic Bits has released a new sound pack for the Cobalt8 for friends of ambient and techno.

Limbic Bits Minerals


The new Minerals sound set features powerful basses, dub stabs, complex IDM leads, propulsive arpeggios, and effects sounds. Of course, you can also find rich, warm pads including warm ambiances or heavy-drone like textures.

According to Limbic Bits, most of the patches offers extensive modulation routings in form of creative mod-wheel, aftertouch and velocity assignments that let you expressively shape your sounds in no time.

It includes 70 new patches and over 40 sequences:

  • Pads: 16
  • Strings / Organs: 6
  • Bass: 15
  • Dub Stabs: 5
  • Lead: 15
  • Arpeggios: 9
  • Percussion & EFX: 4

Limbic Bits Minerals for the Modal Cobalt8 is available now for 20€. It’s compatible with the entire Cobalt8 range (8M, 8, 8X)

More information here: Limbic Bits

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