Thomann Cyberweek 2022, save up to 60% OFF on synths, and music tech gear

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Thomann has kicked off its Cyberweek 2022 with discounts on synthesizers, effects, MIDI gear, guitars, and more.

We are in the Black Friday month where there is a new deal on every corner of the world wide web. This also applies to the music tech world. Many software/plugin companies have already started their sales events. Hardware will probably not see huge discounts, but don’t forget to keep an eye on them. Every now and then there is a no-brainer deal.

The German retailer Thomann started its Cyberweek 2022 at 12 am sharp today with discounts of up to 60% on music tech gear.

Thomann Cyberweek 2022

Thomann Cyberweek 2022

Thomann has now also reduced the prices for certain products for Black Friday. To give you an overview, I have picked out the most interesting deals for you. Especially the ones that are most tempting for the Synth Anatomy readers.

Synthesizers & Drum Machines

In the area of synthesizers and drum machines, there are one or the other very good deal. As already reported today, the Elektron Syntakt is available for €799 instead of €915.


There are also various Behringer products with a 20% discount like the RD-6 or the TD-3. The offer on the Anyma Phi physical modeling synthesizer is also very tempting. You can currently save 20,24% and get it for 398€ instead of 499€.

The other deals are available for scrolling in the attached table

CompanyProductDiscountCyberweek PriceLinks
BehringerRD-6-LM20,8% OFF125€ -> 99€Link
BehringerTD-3-BK23,26% OFF129€ -> 99€Link
Behringer961 Interface12,66% OFF79€ -> 69€Link
Behringer923 Filters11,24% OFF89€-> 79€Link
AodyoAnyma Phi 20,24% OFF499€ -> 398€Link
Moog Sound Studio: DFAM & Subharmonicon16,2% OFF1549€ -> 1298€Link
MoogSound Studio: Mother-32 & DFAM14,41% OFF1298€ -> 1111€Link
Studio ElectronicsSE-1X 201911,45% OFF2699€ -> 2390€Link
SOMALyra-8 Orange13,35% OFF749€ -> 649€Link
Yamaha MX49 V2 Blue12,52% OFF559€ -> 489€Link
Joranalogue Audio DesignMorph 414,37% OFF348€ -> 298€Link
Behringer921A Oscillator Driver8,54% OFF82€ -> 75€Link
ElektronSyntakt12% OFF915€ -> 799€Link
Doepfer A-126-2 Frequency Shifter VE9,76% OFF369€ -> 333€Link
DoepferA-126-2 Frequency Shifter8,36% OFF359€ -> 329€Link
KurzweilPC4 SE6,32% OFF1599€ -> 1498€Link
MoogClaravox Centennial Theremin6,32% OFF1599€ -> 1498€Link
KorgminiKorg 700 FS5,88% OFF1888€ -> 1777€Link
KorgmicroKORG5,01% OFF399€ -> 379€Link
Erica SynthsDas Kleine Fusion8,17% OFF1849€ -> 1698€Link
Endorphin.esGround Control Silver7,24% OFF718€ -> 666€Link
Akai MPC Key 615,12% OFF1895€ -> 1798€Link



Did someone yell for Groovebox deals? Sorry, there aren’t any big deals like the Novation Circuits tracks that came out in Spain two weeks ago.

Thomann, however, is offering a €100 discount on the MPC Key 61 and MPC Live II Gold Edition.

MIDI Deals

For people looking for a new MIDI controller, there are some good deals out there.

You can save almost 50% OFF (43,8% OFF) on the big Akai Pro MPK 249 MIDI keyboard. That’s a nice deal. The small version MPK225 is also on sale with a discount of 26.34%.

Then, there are also good deals on Nektar keyboards. Here is a best of list. The deals that are not included because of a discount of less than 10% can be found  on the Thomann website.

CompanyProductDiscoutCyberweek PriceLink
AKAI ProfessionalMPK 24943,8% OFF395€ -> 222€Link
AKAI ProfessionalMPK 22526,34% OFF243€ -> 179€Link
NektarImpact GXP4914,05% OFF185€ -> 159€Link
NektarImpact GXP8811,76% OFF289€ -> 255€Link
DualoDu-Touch S White16,91% OFF479€ -> 398€Link


And of course, we also look at the effect pedal deals. The devices that refine our Synthesizer and electronic sounds. Not a pedal, but Thomann has a great deal on the TC Electronic TC8210-DT reverb plugin + hardware controller for 59€ instead of 79€. Again, I only highlight the best deals.

CompanyProductDiscountCyberweek PriceLink
DreadboxDarkness Reverb7,72% OFF259€ -> 239€Link
BehringerDR-600 Reverb15,56% OFF45€ -> 38€Link
tc electronicFlashback 2 X4 Delay10,81% OFF222€ -> 198€Link

Unfortunately, the deal with 60% was not included in the categories here. Maybe you can find it in the guitars, amps, or trumpets. These are not the best deals I’ve ever seen, but some deals are very good.

The Thomann Cyberweek deals will be available until November 28th, 2022. And as always, I’d be more than happy if you use my links. With these, you support the Synth Anatomy website and YouTube channel automatically. Many thanks.

More information here: Thomann

Hardware Deals

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