Kodamo MASK1 first look, polyphonic Bitmask Synthesizer

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At SFF 2023, Stéphane of Kodamo gave Synth Anatomy a first look at its new MASK1 multi-timbral polyphonic Bitmask Synthesizer.

At the last SoundMIT exhibition, the MASK1 Synthesizer from the French company Kodamo was presented for the first time. At that time, it was still a beta version. This is a new multi-timbral polyphonic synthesizer with an innovative bitmask synthesis.

It’s been six months, and on March 31st, the MASK1 was officially released. Since then you can also buy the synth from dealers like Thomann, and Perfect Circuit. At SynthFest France 23 last week, visitors could examine the finished version for the first time. Kodamo gave me a first look at the MASK1 and explained the concept.

Kodamo MASK1 first look

Kodamo MASK1 First Look

I have already presented all the details in an article, including the new Bitmask synthesis. Here is a summary of the most important features

Feature Overview

  • 10-voice polyphonic subtractive Bitmask synthesis
  • 4 part multitimbrality
  • 2 oscillators per voice with 256 masks each with transpose and detune
  • 1 noise generator with sample-and-hold frequency
  • two-pole (12dB/oct) state variable resonant filter with pitch tracking, and four modes (low, high, band pass, and notch)
  • four loopable ADSR envelopes per voice (osc1, osc2, noise, and filter)
  • three delta decay envelopes (osc1 mask, osc2 mask, pitch)
  • two multi-wave LFOs with noise, delay, decay, and 16 destinations
  • two stereo effects in series with chorus, phaser, distortion, bit-crusher, tremolo, ring mod, delay, comb filter, reverb, distortions and more.
  • 26-pattern arpeggiator with adaptive or fixed chords, catchable, retrig or pitch change modes
  • looper-style sequencer with up to 10000 events and unlimited duration
  • 61-key full-size velocity/aftertouch FATAR keybed
  • velocity (6 destinations), modulation wheel (16 destinations), aftertouch (16 destinations), LFO1 and LFO2 (16 destinations each)
  • polyphonic, monophonic, slurred, mono portamento on legato, paraphonic, hybrid poly-mono on legato, slurred paraphonic, mono retrigger, poly retrigger
  • 2 DIN (in, out), class-compliant USB type B, SysEx voice transmit/receive, CC-mapped voice parameters
  • 2 balanced 1/4″ TRS jack, pro audio level with +/-12V internal power supply, 1/4″ jack headphones, sustain pedal input
  • and more

First Look Video


The MASK1 is special and stands out. That’s because it’s no ordinary Synthesizer. No knobs but only buttons to navigate through the menu. At first, I was skeptical about how complicated it is, but at SynthFest I was taught otherwise.

The operation is very simple, and the menu does not go into depth, which makes it easy to use. I also like the sound very much. Not groundbreaking new but has a very nice vintage/retro appeal to it.

Kodamo MASK1 is available now for $2290/2290€.

More information here: Kodamo 

Available at my partners

Perfect Circuit

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