AudioThing Things-Bubbles, a filter bank and delay go wild, FREE with any purchase

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AudioThing Things-Bubbles is a new effect plugin that creatively melts a filter bank with a delay, it’s a FREE download with any purchase. 

With the Things plugins, AudioThing has a number of very creative, inexpensive effect processors in its portfolio. The highlight about this series is that each release has a very distinct concept implemented with a minimum amount of control elements. This makes every Things plugin hands-on and easy to use.

For Black Friday 2022, AudioThing enters the fifth Things round with an all-new release.  It’s about a lot of bandpass filters, delays and bubbles.

AudioThing Bubbles

AudioThing Things Bubbles

Things Bubbles is an unusual take on a filter bank effect plugin. Like the other unique Things plugins, it comes with a very simple, well-layout reizable UI with a limited number of knobs. So it’s very hands-on and very user-friendly like a guitar pedal.

The plugin consists of 10 band-pass filters that are represented by colorful bubbles in the UI with controllable cutoff and resonance. Both parameters can also be spread across each band. Then, each band can have a dedicated delay with feedback. Also, this can be independently spread across each band.

The idea sounds simple you pair a filter bank with the delay. But how AudioThing does it is very inspiring. Especially with the possibility to edit each band and spreading the filtering and delay across the bands.

According to the developer, you can achieve very creative effects from odd-sounding echoes/reverbs to impossible sequences. The last ones are bubble effects that you can laugh about because they are so wonderfully weird.

In the linked video you can hear many different sound samples. One thing is for sure, if you want to go wild with Bubbles’ experimentations, you’ve come to the right place. Not to forget, the plugin comes with ready-to-use presets as well as a handy randomizer for an instant unpredictable Bubble experience.

Black Friday Sale

AudioThing has also announced its Black Friday with discounts of up to 70% OFF. And every purchase during the Black Friday sale will be rewarded wth a Things Bubbles license for free.

Bubbles is available for free with every purchase made during the Black Friday sale on the AudioThing website (Nov 20th, to Dec 4th, 2022). If you only want the plugin, it’s available now for a BFS price of 9€ instead of 19€.

It runs as a VST2, VST3, AU, AAX, and CLAP plugin on macOS (Intel + Apple Silicon), Windows, and Linux Ubuntu.

More information here: AudioThing 

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