Unfiltered Audio goes iOS, five new AUv3 effect processors are available now

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Unfiltered Audio has turned five of its creative effect processor VST plugins into iOS AUv3 apps, they are available now for $4,99 USD each.

Already in mid-October, I reported that the plugin manufacturer Unfiltered Audio was working on iOS ports of its creative VST effects. At this point, most of the apps were in open beta.

The wait is now over. Unfiltered Audio has today published all five AUv3 effects are now available in the Apple Appstore. Each for $4.99 during the holidays which is very affordable considering how versatile they are.

Unfiltered Audio iOS available now

Unfiltered Audio iOS Apps

Unfiltered Audio doesn’t take small steps into the iOS world. Not with a single app but with 5 at the same. These are engine-identical ports of the well-known VST effects plugins. This big release includes ports of Bass Mint, LO-FI-AF, Silo, Needlepoint, and BT Tails.

Bass Mint, Needlepoint, LO-FI-AF

Let’s start with Bass Mint which is a unique audio enhancer tool that can shape and improve the low-end of your tracks using 5 bass processing modes: saturate, resonate, octave, synthesize, and overfold.

Each mode gives the bass part of your audio its own character. You can tweak it in detail with a handful of parameters. It’s probably the easiest Unfiltered Audio plugin to use, but one that’s very useful for enriching the low-end with new flavors.

Needlepoint is a powerful vinyl simulation effect that is fully customizable thanks to its physical modeling engine. The latter is mainly used for replicating the condition of the record and player, including any possible dirt or scratches that might be present.

All the characteristics can be adjusted down to the last detail with a wide range of parameters. You can set the gain and age of the recording, apply wow and flutter or add just dust and noise. Each section also gives you a separate filter stage for mangling your timbres further. Plus, you get a super handy one-knob compressor.

Unfiltered Audio Bass Mint Needlepoint LO-FI-AF

Then, LO-FI-AF is an effect plugin/app where everything is about sonic dirt, degradation, and distortion inspired by analog and digital devices. You can use various techniques to mangle your sounds. This ranges from impulse responses, spectral shaping, tape saturation, bit crushing, and more. If you want your tracks to sound like they’re from the age of vinyl records, analog radios, and cassettes… this is your effect processor.

BT Tails And Silo

BT Tails is a reverb processor developed in collaboration with sound designer Brian Transeau (BT). It’s basically a clean shimmering reverb that creates super smooth reverb tails without disturbing transients. To achieve this, BT Tails has an engine that detects dissonances and transients in the input signal, then automatically ducks the signal to remove them.

Plus, it switches to its polytonal dual buffer to make up for the loss and replaces the transients with washes of clean reverb. The result is a clean reverb decay that is free of discord from metallic hits and out-of-key notes. It offers four different reverb algorithms, each with its own distinct character: Deep and Renoun modes are from the BYOME plugin, Spatial from Silo, and Shimmer which is tuned to BT’s specifications.

Unfiltered Audio BT Tails Silo

Lastly, we have Silo which is a granular processor with a 3D twist. The core consists of a granulator, spatializer, reverb, and output sections. Silo splits your audio into tiny snippets like other granular processors. You can customize this processor with different parameters that influence the playback and granular process.

Then you can throw these snippets into 3D space using the spatializer section that offers different geometry algorithms. From here, it goes into a customizable reverb section that adds room to your sounds. Finally, the output section finalizes your sounds with a one-knob compressor.

A big release for the iOS world. The Unfiltered audio effects are for me of a very high sound quality level. In addition, they offer highly creative engines that you can experiment with for a long time. At $4,99 an effect steal for iOS.

The new Unfiltered Audio iOS effects apps (Bass Mint, Lo-FI-AF, Needlepoint, Silo, and Tails) are available as universal apps (iPhone/iPad) with AUv3 support for an introductory price of $4,99 USD each (regularly $9,99 USD).

More information here: Unfiltered Audio 

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