AudioThing Things Voice, a “Hainbach” compressor plugin and Black Friday sale Free for Dials users

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AudioThing has turned the compressor section of Hainbach’s Dials plugin into a standalone Things Voice plugin, plus they launched its Black Friday sale.

With Lines, AudioThing and Hainach showed another plugin collaboration this year that dives into experimental sonic fields. I did an in-depth article on this weird, lovely effects processor.

In 2022, they published Dials, an unusual channel strip based on the sound characteristics of test equipment found in Hainbach’s sound lab. One of the motors of Dials is its unique compressor. AudioThing has now packed this into a new easy-to-use standalone plugin called Things Voice. Good, it’s a free download for Dials users.

AudioThing Things Voice

AudioThing Things Voice

With the Things plugins, AudioThing takes a simpler approach. The focus is often on a single idea with few control options. Like the motto, less is more. A bit one-trick pony style but more versatile.

Things Voice is a “one-knob “throw it on, and it sounds good” compressor for voice-over and vocals. The core is based on a compressor recreation of a special and complex design from a German 1950 radio broadcast instrument. You can also find it in the Hainbach Dials channel strip plugin

It’s a super simple plugin. It has an input and output control, as well as a  compressor switch with six stages. 

Then it also features a built-in saturator that adds authentically modded tube gain to your signals. Perfect for making the sound more rusty and vintage. There is also a bass boost switch that hosts a rather euphonic EQ that only excites the right frequencies. 

Like every AudioThing plugin, it also includes various presets and a randomizer that gives you instant new results with just a click. Good news for mobile musicians, Things Voice is also available as an AUv3 plugin on iOS.

Black Friday Sale

At the same time, AudioThing announced its Black Friday 2023 sale. You can save up to 84% OFF on its synths, virtual instruments, effects, and mixing & mastering plugins. The iOS apps are also on sale.

AudioThing writes 70%, but if you calculate the prices so will see that they offer 84% OFF.  For example, you get Mantis BBD delay or the Reels tape plugins each for 19€ instead of 59€. The Hainbach Dials plugin is 39€ instead of 79€ plus you get the new Things Voice for free on top.

First Impression

Already the seventh plugin from AudioThing and Hainbach. How time has passed. Things Voice is a small but useful tool that can be particularly interesting for adding that vintage timbre to your vocals. Thumbs up for the deal that existing Dials users can get it for free. 

AudioThing Things Voice is available now for an introductory price of 9€ instead of 19€ and runs as a 64-bit VST, VST3, AU, AAX, CLAP plugin on macOS (native Apple Silicon, Linux, and Windows). The iOS version is available for an intro price of $1,99 instead of $4,99.

Existing users of Dials can download Things Voice as a free download. If you purchase Dials until December 4th, 2023, you also get the Things plugin for free.

More information here: AudioThing /AppStore 

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