Sequential Take 5, new update expands the synth engine and adds more patch storage

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Sequential has published the Take 5 firmware update v1.0.0.10 that expands the synth engine with new features and adds more patch storage.

In August 2021, Sequential released the Take 5, an affordable and portable polyphonic analog Synthesizer. It is powered by two analog oscillators, a Prophet 5 filter, effects, a sequencer, and more.

A Synthesizer that is very well received by the community. You see him very often in current setups. Today Sequential released a new firmware that adds new features to the Take 5.

Sequential Take 5 firmware update

Sequential Take 5 Firmware Update v1.0.0.10

The new firmware update brings some new features to the Sequential Take 5. It introduces a new repeat functionality for envelopes 1 and/or 2. So you can turn the envelopes in pseudo-LFOs. This can be set in the prog-level parameter menu. You can also now activate an oscillator 2 filter bypass mode.

Then, the vintage mod feature can now be modulated via the modulation matrix. It’s now a mod destination. There is also an alternate turning available per patch, also accessible via the prog-level parameter menu. Users can also now benefit from updates in the LFO section.

LFO 1 and LFO 2 now come with slew rate parameters and with the update v1.0.0.10, the LFO rate is displayed on-screen when the frequency is updated and LFO sync is active.  You can also now start and stop the internal sequencer of the Sequential Take 5 from a simple foot pedal. A handy new functionality especially for performances.

Lastly, the developers added 8 new banks (9-G) of program locations available by holding the bank button and pressing the numeric buttons 9-16.

A nice free firmware update with great new features which makes the Take 5 in the synth engine more extensive.

The new Sequential Take 5 firmware v1.0.0.10 is now in beta and available from the official forum.

More information here: Sequential 

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  1. Hmmm…might have to consider this to replace my Mopho x4. It seems better in some ways, and less capable in other ways. The fact they’re still providing functional updates is encouraging.

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