GPU Audio MAJOR, new multi-layer Synthesizer plugin powered by your graphic card

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After their first effects, in public beta, GPU Audio has introduced MAJOR, a new multi-layer Synthesizer plugin that is powered by your graphic card.

Every computer, regardless of whether it is a mac or a PC, has limited computing capacity. You know how quickly you reach your limits when you use plugins, sample libraries, etc. in music production. A newcomer company called GPU Audio promises improvements here.

The developers are working on an innovative DSP technology that allows you to run audio plugins on the GPU instead of the CPU. There is currently a public beta with some effect plugins where you can try out the technology. The big news is however another one. Quite surprisingly, CPU Audio had yesterday launched its first Synthesizer plugin powered by this technology in the excellent Pro Synth Network Show.



MAJOR is a new multi-layer Synthesizer plugin that offers 8 layers packed with features. Each layer consists of an oscillator + sub-oscillator and a sampler slot featuring classic features like pitch, detune, FM, sync, and more. The sample slots offer parameters like start-stop points, loop, reverse, and more. Layers can be mixed into a stereo output or alternatively sent to their own individual host buses and outputs. That gives good flexibility.

Then, you can work with two different filters with drive, and apply customizable envelope generators, LFOs, arpeggiators, and more. Of course, it also has different effects processors, and more.


All features are not yet public because MAJOR is still under development. But it looks very interesting. The real highlight here is certainly that the plugin is calculated on your computer’s GPU. I’m very curious about how the performance is and how well it works with the technology.

MAJOR is currently in development and GPU Audio plan on having a beta version to try before the end of the year. According to the devs, they give beta access to users who have already submitted confirmed bug reports on their FX package. Price and release TBA.

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