RRS Ivoks, new Polivoks inspired Synthesizer for iOS AUv3

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RRS Ivoks is a new AUv3 Synthesizer for iOS that takes inspiration from the famous vintage Soviet Polivoks hardware synthesizers.

There are countless Synthesizer apps for iOS. From virtual analog, wavetable, FM, and additive to multi-engine synths. The platform has grown into a real synth paradise in the last few years.

With the RRS Ivoks, another Synthesizer has now set up its tent in the iOS world. This emulates the sounds of well-known, beloved Soviet synthesizers.

RRS Ivoks

RRS Ivoks

RRS Ivoks is a new Synthesizer for iOS that takes inspiration from the famous Polivoks synthesizers. The app is a port of the Ivoks synthesizer that has been around since 2014 for the Reason Rack Extension format. Whether the app version is an improved version is not known. There is no difference in the interface between the two.

The synth consists of two oscillators. Oscillator 1 has a frequency band regulator, five waveforms, and controls for LFO modulation level plus cross-modulation (OSC2). The second oscillator has the same feature set but an additional independent control for modulation depth and detuning. Both oscillators then run into a mixer with level controls, a noise generator, and a saturation drive for adding more juice to the signal.

Then, you have a filter with a switchable lowpass/bandpass mode, and four controls, including cutoff, resonance, modulation level, and envelope level. It also includes a dedicated filter ADSR envelope with an envelope mode switch. Here you can choose between a regular ADSR envelope or a looping AD envelope. So basically an LFO.

In the amplifier section, you can get another ADSR envelope along with another modulation level and velocity sensitivity control. Also, this envelope is switchable to repeat mode giving you a triangular modulation waveform adjustable with the attack and decay settings. Further, you get an LFO with four waveforms with noise, a stepped function for sample & hold effects, and speed control.


There are also global settings, including controls for the master tune, master volume, legato mode, glide, and more. You can play the synth in monophonic, duophonic, or in unison. Too bad that polyphony is not possible.

And yes, RRS Ivoks is not just a standalone synth app but also supports AUv3. So you can use the synth in several instances.

At first sight a nice Synthesizer app for iOS with a lot of character. It sounds very gritty, wild, and industrial which is reminiscent of the Polivoks sound.

RRS Ivoks by Red Rock Sound is available as a free download from the Apple App Store. You can unlock the full engine for $4,99 USD via an in-app purchase.

More information here: Red Rock Sound (AppStore)

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