GSi Electrorchestra, AUv3 string machine brings the sound of the 70s to your iPad

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GSi Electrorchestra is a new AUv3 string machine for iPad (iOS) that is inspired by some of the most famous string keyboards of the 70s. 

And there’s the next new iOS app from GSi aka Genuine Soundware. As a reminder: the developer has been porting numerous of its already successful plugins to iOS as new AUv3 apps for a few weeks/months.

His latest release is a string machine that takes you back to the sound of the 70s.

GSi Electrorchestra

GSi Electrorchestra

Electroorchestra is a new AUv3 string machine virtual instrument based on the same code found in the GSi Gemini. This is a DSP processor for which the company develops various add-ons, including instruments and effects.

According to the developer, it’s not an emulation of a specific instrument from the past. It mostly takes inspiration from famous string keyboards of the seventies, such as the ARP Solina, the Logan String Melody, and the SIEL Orchestra. Legendary hardware string machines from the past.

The Electroorchestra engine consists of three string registers (cello, viola, violin) plus one bass, each controllable with a slider. Then, you get a classic envelope generator with attack/release but also updated with a break-point. This mainly mimics the presence of a natural reverberation without using an additional reverberator.

There is also a motion section that includes a chorus/flanger and vibrato. Further, there is a fully-customizable phaser with speed and depth controls that gives the typical shimmer to the sound. And at the end of the signal chain, you get a brilliance parameter probably a filter and volume control.

The whole thing has AUv3 support, so you can easily load it in any DAW with AUv3 support. And more importantly, use multiple instances of it too.

At first glance a solid string machine for iOS. It can convince in the sound demos. However, the GUI looks a bit bale to pale and they could invest a little more time to make it more modern.

GSi Electrorchestra is available now for $13,99 USD on the Apple AppStore.

More information here: GSi

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