Hypersynth Hcards v2, revised cartridges for the Yamaha DX series, and Roland D-50

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Hypersynth Hcards v2, the beloved memory cartridges for the Yamaha DX-7, DX-7II-D/FD, DX-5/1, and Roland D-50 are back in revised versions.

There was a time when you could only store 16 or 32 sounds in synthesizers. In the past, it was a sensation, today, it would be a reason for criticism if a Synthesizer only has so much space. However, memory could be expanded with the help of cartridges, which were also limited in capacity.

This limit does not prevent many musicians from using the devices in productions today. And to get more flexibility in patches, Hypersynth developed the Hcards some time ago. New cartridges with which one could easily extend the memory of these classic digital synths. These were sold out for a long time but now the Hcards are back in a revised v2.

Hypersynth Hcards v2

Hypersynth Hcards V2

Hypersynth has released four different Hcards v2. They now feature CNC metal cases, colored touch buttons and draw less power from the hardware units thanks to upgraded hardware. The new buttons give you instant access to different banks using touch buttons. They don’t need a battery and in case of problems there is a hidden Memory Protect function.

Hcard 701

The H-card-701 v2 is a new memory cartridge developed for the Yamaha DX-7 Synthesizer that gives you memory for up to 400 banks with up to 12800 presets. Not bad, so you can store almost all patches that are available free of charge on the world wide web. Hcard-701 is loaded with default DX7 factory soundbanks plus 16 soundbanks which are selected carefully out of thousands of available free banks for DX7. These soundbanks are categorized in a way to simplify the workflow of sound selection

Hcard 702

Then, the H-card 702 is compatible with the Yamaha DX-7II, DX-7S, DX11, RX7, and RX5. It offers space for up to 100 banks including 6400 voices, 3200 performances, 200 tunings, and 100 setups). Also here you can navigate through the banks using the touch buttons.

Hypersynth ships the card with the default DX7II factory soundbanks plus 16 soundbanks which are selected carefully out of thousands of available free banks for DX7.


The Yamaha DX-5 and DX-1 synthesizers also get their own Hcards with the Hcard-705. It splits its memory in memory size for voices and performances. You can load up to 800 banks incl. 25600 voices on card A+B and up to 400 banks with 25600 performances on card A. According to the developer, you can load up to 52 voice banks and 2 performance banks (Hyper-Bank + Yamaha Factory) per card.


The fourth and last new cartridge is the Hcard-750 which expands the memory of the iconic digital Roland D-50 Synthesizer. It has space for up to 64 banks with up to 4096 presets. It ships with the D-50 factory soundbank plus 11 free additional banks from the net.

Nice release and great to see that the Hcards are back. A big release especially for vintage synthesizer lovers. So they can easily import new sounds to their vintage synth.

The new Hypersynth Hcards (701, 702, 705, and 750) are available now for $199,99 USD.

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