Dtronics DT-1000, new Roland D-05, D-50, and D-550 hardware synth editor

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Dtronics DT-1000 is a new hardware editor, making the parameters of the Roland D-05, D-50, and D-550 accessible and simplifies sound design.

Many synthesizers were released in the 80s. Many are legendary today. These were also the years of the first flagship digital synthesizers. A big star was the Roland D-50, which used digital sample-based subtractive synthesis. Unlike the analog classics of the 80s, the first digital synths had cryptic menu-driven interfaces.

These menus are not fun to use. The programmer/editor provided a solution. There is now a new editor for the Roland D series that makes the interface more hands-on. It’s from the Dutch Boutique developer Dtronics and successor of the DT-01 editor. 

Dtronics DT-1000

Dtronics DT-1000

The DT-1000 is a new hardware editor/programmer for the Roland D-50. It’s also compatible with the D-550 rack unit and the D-05 boutique, the latest synth from the Roland D series. 

According to Dtronics, it features 56 sliders and 10 buttons, giving you direct access to all the important parameters of the synths. Some sliders are doubly assigned but can be switched quickly and are very easy to read.

All this is supported with a small display. The DT-1000 unit comes in a robust desktop housing. On the back, you get a full MIDI interface with in, out, and thru sockets. Then, it hosts a USB-C port and a parameter socket. 

First Impression

A solid further development of the DT-01 editor from DTronics. The display is a good addition, and the knob-to-slider decision is also, in my opinion. I prefer using sliders over pots. 

Dtronics DT-1000 is available now for an introductory price of 399€ instead of 479€. 

More information here: Dtronics 

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  1. LOVE this! Working with my beloved D-50 sounds again via a D-550 rack, nothing like the real thing – thank you, Dtronics!

  2. Dtronics appears to have made a number of adjustments based on DT-01 feedback. The larger format makes labels easier to read. The display is also a great add. There’s no reference in the DT-1000 manual to the “sticky notes” issue on the DT-01. Has that been permanently resolved? Or had that previously been fixed with a DT-01 firmware update?

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