Roland releases firmware 1.8 for the MC-101, MC-707 and Verselab grooveboxes

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Roland updates its grooveboxes the MC-101, MC-707 and the VERSELAB MV-1 with firmware 1.8 incl. undo/redo, and clip inter-compatibility. 

With the MC-101, MC-707, and VERSELAB MV-1, Roland currently has two very extensive groove boxes on the market. A hardware groovebox for each workflow. The MC-101 for mobile, couch musicians, the MC-707 for musicians who want the full range, and the VERSELAB MV-1 for electronic musicians with a preference for vocals.

All three grooveboxes are based on the ZEN Core Engine. Today’s news shows that this is the case. There is a new firmware 1.8 for all three hardware units, with many new features in common.

Roland MC-707 MC-101 Verselab firmware 1.8

Firmware 1.8 Common Features

Firmware 1.8 is a free update for all three devices. Each device will get some new features that exist in all three devices. Starting with a new function that allows you to import new MC and MV production packs that are available to download from Roland Cloud. These are new collections of clips and sample-based tones designed by Wave Alchemy. Each pack contains 48 custom tones, 50-plus drum one-shots, 16 kits, and 64 clips organized in groups of four for building 16 custom scenes.

Then, the new firmware brings undo /redo support, and clip import, export, and save functionalities. This includes clip compatibility between the MC-707, MC-101, and VERSELAB MV-1. So you can load clips straight from an SD card, then save and share between units or with other MC and VERSELAB users.

It also adds three brand-new MFX to polish your sounds including an exciter, phonograph, and JD Multi. You can also now record MIDI CC messages from external MIDI devices to the motion engine. Users of the three units also benefit from new shortcut types. But there are also differences.

Roland MC-101/MC-707 Firmware 1.8 Update

The MC-101 now hosts a partial editor allowing you to create compelling tones directly from your MC-101 hardware. That’s a great new function and turns the MC-101 is a full-featured groovebox. The developers also added a new multitrack mode to the pad note of the MC-707. And both the MC-101 and MC-707 now offer key and scale settings for projects.

VERSELAB MV-1 Firmware 1.8 Update

There are also VERSELAB MV-1 exclusive new features. For example, the new firmware introduces panning for the vocal takes or a function to apply a fade-out during mixdown. Further, the devs added new parameters to the motion designer, new virtual controls to the motion, and a new random tone designer.

Lastly, you can now import SMF files, uses a new auto-channel function, and benefit from new parameters in the “track setting” in the looper tracks.

Again nice updates that Roland delivers here for their existing grooveboxes. Even after a few years on the market.

The new firmware 1.8 for the MC-101, MC-707, and VERSELAB MV-1 is available now as a free download.

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    • after a few days of wall disney you come back to reality
      So not with crazy synthesizer music.

      too little automation and short cycles remain. everything has to be considered beforehand
      the song mode is also missing.
      no better display in the mc 707
      mv1 had no synthesizer and only 16 multitrack patterns,
      none of the boxes got extensions like sh101, juno etc

      still good that at least mc101 had a synthengine editor now

  1. Hopefully they update The Fantom/ and 0 next -add more to the tr-rec sequencer , make the sample pads work differently and MORE effects features and fixes

  2. Yeah, good update. Love the MC707. It started off quite a basic groovebox, but 6 or 7 firmware updates have turned it into a monster machine.

  3. I read that as a partial editor for the MC-101, as if it was limited. But the article means you can edit “partials” which is Roland-speak for parts of a voice.

    The MC-101 getting an editor looks awesome. Congrats to Roland for updating existing machines.

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