GS DSP MagicBlur, a multi-curve spectral blur processor plugin with freezing

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GS DSP MagicBlur turns every note into a lush, fluffy Synthesizer-like sound using a unique spectral blur engine with freezing and modulation.

Well that the plugin market is saturated in many areas is not big news. Looking at the market, we have tons of synths, delays, reverbs, etc. In order to attract attention today as a young dev company, you have to develop something unique and new. You won’t get very far with a bread and butter effect.

The young developers from GS DSP have recognized this and have specialized in novel effects. They recently released a MagicDelay, a multi-curve spectral delay plugin that can generate wild results. Today, the young adventure continues with MagicBlur, another spectral plugin with a twist.

GS DSP MagicBlur

GS DSP MagicBlur

MagicBlur is a new multi-curve spectral blur and freeze effect with a built-in modulation system. Spectral Blur, what is that supposed to be? In simple terms, the plugin is able to soften your sounds and add a smear-like texture to them. It describes the process of taking spectral snapshots and morphing between them in different ways.

The core of the plugin consists of the blur and freeze engine where you can morph spectral snapshots. There is also a unique reverse function for the morph direction giving you in combination with envelopes… unique-sounding effects. Alternatively, you can deactivate this and turn the whole engine into a spectral freezer.

Like in the MagicDelay, the MagicBlur also has a curve editor with 4 separate fully-customizable curves giving a quick and easy way to control thousands of blurs. Plus, you can fluently morph between these curves using the XY pad on the right side. You can also easily sync your blur times to your DAW.

Modulation Engine

Further, the modulation engine should not be missing, with which you can make the whole process even more versatile and deeper. It offers a wide range of different modulation sources including LFOs, custom LFOs, random generators, envelope followers with side-chaining, camera, and more.

MagicBlur is capable to to turn any samples into lush atmospheric Synthesizer-like sounds, endless worlds of overtone glissandi, crazy reversed and glitch-like timbres.

How good the process sounds and how versatile the effect is, I would have to take a closer look in a test. At first sight an interesting plugin with a fresh approach.

GS DSP MagicBlur is available now for an introductory price of $49 USD instead of $74,74 USD. It runs as a VST3, AU, and AAX plugin on macOS (Intel + Apple Silicon) and Windows.

More information here: GS DSP

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